SA’s National Gallery hosts ‘Fuck White People’ exhibition

A small Afrikaner opposition party in the South African parliament, has issued a statement critical of an exhibition in the National Art Gallery which consists of only the offensive words “Fuck White People”.

The exhibition in the National Art Gallery … Read the rest

Swedish municipality financially overwhelmed by immigrants, stops benefits

It had to happen sooner or later: A Swedish municipality is almost broke due to the flood of immigrants. As far as it is known, it is the first time a municipality has resorted to such drastic measures that Hultsfred … Read the rest

Trump slams ‘Russian hacking’ in New Year remarks to media

President-elect Donald Trump spoke to reporters briefly on New Year’s Eve at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, questioning the official version of “Russians hacking the election”, Reuters reported.

“It’s a pretty serious charge,” he said. “And if you look … Read the rest

The Grapes of Wrath

Hillary Clinton recently stated somewhere that she lost the presidential election because her campaign neglected the “ordinary people”. And, of course it is the “ordinary people” who form or should form the majority of voters in any democratic state. Clinton … Read the rest

Non-white California gave Hillary the ‘popular vote’

Since Donald Trump’s electoral victory, supporters of loser Hillary Clinton have cried foul because they maintain that their candidate won the popular vote, which was not enough to secure the electoral vote.

Clinton did not even come close to pulling … Read the rest

Hungary’s Orbán: ‘2017 will be a year of rebellion’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has named the coming year 2017, the year of the “rebellion” in an interview with Hungarian news site

The popular anti-immigration leader, has long expressed a kinship with nationalist leaders and movements across Europe … Read the rest

Russian ambassador killed by assassin in Ankara

An armed man shot the Russian ambassador in a contemporary art gallery in Ankara on Monday during the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition ‘Russia as Seen by the Turks’.

While the speech of ambassador Andrei Karlov was underway, eyewitnesses … Read the rest

Truck deliberately ploughs into Berlin Christmas shoppers killing 12

A truck has ploughed into a Christmas market in western Berlin injuring several people, local media reported, citing police.

“Police confirm that a truck ploughed into a Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg,” according to a local newspaper in Berlin … Read the rest

Ilana Mercer: The proof is not in the Putin

President-elect Donald Trump made another great stride for America—maybe even for mankind, given the CIA’s global reach. Mr. Trump slapped the Central Intelligence Agency down. And hard.

The flurry over the Russia-related misinformation released by the CIA is reminiscent of … Read the rest

Marine Le Pen kicks off her 2017 campaign in earnest

After a break of several weeks, the president of the FN has started preparations for her presidential campaign of 2017 in earnest.

Le Pen answered questions from journalists Alexis Brézet, Olivier Mazerolle and Christophe Jakubyszyn.

Opponents of her party have … Read the rest

Ilana Mercer: Interview with Junge Freiheit

Junge Freiheit is Germany’s finest weekly newspaper. It’s easily its only authentically rightist, freedom-loving, classically liberal publication. When Junge Freiheit’s editors come calling; this writer is always happy to oblige—and not only because my weekly column once appeared in JF. … Read the rest

Islamicized British Labour Party holds meetings segregated by sex

With segregation in schools and residential areas a growing tendency in the UK, a political meeting last year in Birmingham of the British Labour party has come to light where men and women sat on opposite sides of the hall.… Read the rest

Death toll from rave party fire rises to 33

The death toll after a fire broke out at a California warehouse where a rave party was being held, has risen to 33 and could be even higher as the police say there could be more bodies buried in the … Read the rest

Fidel Castro’s bitter legacy in Angola

Fidel Castro, who survived 10 American presidents, has died at age 90. For five decades, Castro tirelessly promoted Communism, at a great cost to Cubans.

Despite Cuba’s eventual dependence on foreign dollars, the state-run economy failed to bring prosperity to … Read the rest