Small towns are collapsing across South Africa. How it’s starting to affect farming

Wandile Sihlobo, University of the Witwatersrand

Farming and agribusiness play a crucial role in sustaining the economies of small towns and rural areas. There is a lot of evidence of this in the economic literature and in the popular Read the rest

Luke Harding proves he is the Western security establishment’s ‘useful idiot’

Johanna Ross is a journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Last Thursday an article was published in The Guardian which took the Russian Twittersphere by storm. And for once, those on both sides of the Russia debate – Russophiles and Putin … Read the rest

Global anti-dumping rules affect states’ tax sovereignty

Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The G20 has taken a historic step towards global corporate tax. The group’s finance ministers and central banks’ presidents agreed during the last summit to … Read the rest

European Parliament breaks protocol by politicizing Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

The European Parliament passed a resolution calling on European Union leaders to decline China’s invitation to attend the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. However, their attempt to politicize the Winter Olympics by calling for diplomatic boycotts, … Read the rest

Firearms Act: Stand together and act, ad hoc group requests

The time has come for organisations to work together to strengthen South Africa. This was the message that was confirmed by almost all role players during yesterday’s meeting of the ad hoc group for the protection of property rights.

This Read the rest

Northern Ireland crisis could escalate into trade war and more violence

Uriel Araujo, a researcher with a focus on international and ethnic conflicts.

Some expected that during the G7 summit (which took place in England this weekend), some advances would be made towards solving the current Northern Ireland (NI) crisis. … Read the rest

U.S. unlikely to tempt Greece away from Russia and China

Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

On June 10, Pew Research published survey results that measured how the people of ten NATO countries (Italy, Netherlands, Canada, UK, Belgium, U.S., Germany, Spain, France, and Greece) viewed the alliance. Of the 10 countries, … Read the rest

Boris Johnson delays lifting of Covid restrictions as public frustration mounts

Johanna Ross is a journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It was supposed to be ‘Freedom Day’; June 21st when people could begin living much as they did before the pandemic took hold. However, with Covid rates rising again, the UK … Read the rest

UK braces itself for a third Covid wave as it may delay lifting of lockdown restrictions

Johanna Ross is a journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It’s being hailed perhaps the ‘hardest UK policy decision of the last 18 months’ by senior government advisor Jeremy Farrar. Britain is at a critical juncture in the coronavirus pandemic, as Read the rest

London High Court case alleges Qatar funnelled millions of dollars to terrorists in Syria

The London High Court opened a proceeding that threatens to impeach a former prime minister of Qatar, two banks of the kingdom, and numerous leading members of the royal dynasty. They are suspected of having transferred hundreds of millions of … Read the rest

Family size: why some Nigerian men want more children

Fertility levels remain relatively high in Nigeria. The rate is slightly over five children per woman. This is one of the highest fertility rates in the world. With almost seven children per woman, Niger has the highest rate in the … Read the rest