London High Court case alleges Qatar funnelled millions of dollars to terrorists in Syria

The London High Court opened a proceeding that threatens to impeach a former prime minister of Qatar, two banks of the kingdom, and numerous leading members of the royal dynasty. They are suspected of having transferred hundreds of millions of … Read the rest

Family size: why some Nigerian men want more children

Fertility levels remain relatively high in Nigeria. The rate is slightly over five children per woman. This is one of the highest fertility rates in the world. With almost seven children per woman, Niger has the highest rate in the … Read the rest

US revives narrative that new coronavirus was created in Chinese laboratory

Biden urges intelligence agencies to prepare a report on the origin of the virus, clearly violating scientific principles for political interests.

One of the most curious points about the COVID-19 pandemic is that, for the first time, the topic of … Read the rest

How to accelerate your business during the crisis

The SARS-CoV-19 virus has changed the world. Millions are unemployed, a global recession is fast approaching, and our parks and playgrounds once teeming with life and laughter have been abandoned and forgotten. One wonders whether the world can return to … Read the rest

Two farm attacks in two days, Brendin Horner, 21, tortured and killed

It is clear that a slow war is being fought against South Africa’s white farmers and this slow racial war is increasingly also being taken to towns and cities. The murder of a white farm manager, Brendin Horner (21), serves … Read the rest