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Thai ad shows how black is undesirable

China’s most racist ad goes viral

In Asia cleanliness and dark skin are often incompatible and there is a history of cultural bias against people of dark skin.

A Chinese laundry detergent advertisement is currently causing widespread outrage online in some Western countries however and is … Read the rest


At least one killed as riots hit DRC

At least one person was reported killed Thursday as rallies across DR Congo against President Joseph Kabila turned violent, with police firing tear gas in the capital Kinshasa and the eastern city of Goma.

Large numbers of riot police were … Read the rest


Language app reveals nonwhite invasion

Swedish is the language which is most studied in Sweden—because one in six residents in 2015 was born outside of Sweden, new figures from that online language course have revealed.

The Duolingo Swedish course is currently being used by 27 … Read the rest

Zuckerberg and Merkel

Facebook blacklists trending news

Trending news stories are blacklisted on a daily basis by social media giant Facebook, contractors for the website say.

Speaking on condition of anonymity to Gizmodo’s Michael Nunez, several journalists, hired by Facebook in 2014 to oversee its secretive “trending … Read the rest


France wins $39bn contract for Australian subs

The largest naval public spending project in Australian history, worth some AU$50 billion ($38.5bn), has been awarded to a French company which will build 12 subs to replace and double the size of the Royal Australian Navy’s currently outdated submarine … Read the rest