S. African Nobel laureate JM Coetzee says Israel practises apartheid

The Palestine Festival of Literature hosted its ninth gathering of literary gurus and the like who were invited to tour Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

The authors invited to the festival this year included Nobel Prize winner for literature, … Read the rest

British journalist suspended from Labour Party for racism

The British journalist Rod Liddle has been suspended from the Labour Party for a racist blog post about antisemitism within the party.

Liddle has been called in for an interview as part of the party’s inquiry into antisemitism.

He says … Read the rest

British soldiers train troops on their own human rights watchlist

British soldiers are training troops for regimes on the UK’s own human rights watchlist, including authoritarian states such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Burma and Bahrain.

Information released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) shows that since 2014 UK military personnel … Read the rest