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Chimps can cook

They’re not likely to start barbecuing in the rainforest, but chimpanzees can understand the concept of cooking and are willing to postpone eating raw food, even carrying food some distance to cook it rather than eat immediately, scientists reported on … Read the rest

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Terrorists celebrate 20 years of terror

Former Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled’s visit to Soweto on Sunday turned into a celebration of violence, armed terror and crime “for a noble cause”.

Posters of Nelson Mandela adorned the walls of the Donaldson Orlando Community Centre in Soweto with … Read the rest

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First woman to head CERN

Italian physicist Fabiola Gianotti was chosen on Tuesday to head the CERN particle physics research centre that houses the giant LHC “Big Bang” machine, making her the first woman nominated to lead a top global scientific institution in the field.… Read the rest

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‘This ebola is a very different bug’

Peter Jahrling of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease is on the front lines fighting this disease in Liberia. He is one of the top authorities in the world on Ebola.

Jahrling believes the current Ebola outbreak may … Read the rest

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Spanish priest dies of Ebola

Spanish priest Miguel Pajares, 75, the first European infected by a strain of Ebola that has killed more than 1,000 people in West Africa, has died in hospital in Madrid, a spokeswoman for the city’s health authorities said on Tuesday.… Read the rest

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Fracking associated with human hormone disruption

Many chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, can disrupt not only the human body’s reproductive hormones but also the glucocorticoid and thyroid hormone receptors, which are necessary to maintain good health, a new study finds. The results were presented … Read the rest