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Bernie Sanders

Sanders beats Hillary at fundraising

While Bernie Sanders narrowly lost the Iowa primary to rival Hillary Clinton, he soundly won in the fundraising game in January.

The Clinton campaign said Thursday that it raised a total of $15 million in the year’s first month, falling … Read the rest

Dr Bennie Cilliers

Murdered white farmer was a caring doctor

A white Rouxville farmer, dr Bennie Cilliers, was a friendly and cheerful person who truly cared for his patients.

This is how Reverend Koos Möller describes the medical doctor who was found murdered in his farmhouse.

Cilliers’ wife, Cecilia, sustained … Read the rest

No Picture

Migrants attack elderly in Munich

“Migrants gone wild” is the new video craze sweeping the internet as cell phone footage of refugee-related attacks has replaced clips of Russia vaporizing terrorists in Syria.

Shocking footage of a migrant teen involved in a bitter dispute with an … Read the rest