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Massive migrant crime wave sweeps Germany

A massive, migrant crime wave is surging across Germany according to figures buried in a new report released by the country’s Interior Ministry. The data reveals that without migrants considered, crime rates in Germany would have remained roughly static since … Read the rest


Pro-independence Bavaria Party on EU’s future

The pro-independence Bavaria Party is enjoying increasing popularity, including the recent defection of four Munich city councilors, and aims to use its newfound popularity to campaign for a referendum on independence from Germany, district chairman Harold Amann told Sputnik.

The … Read the rest

Norbert Hofer

Austria set to elect far-right leader

Austria is a short step from becoming the first European Union country to elect a “far-right” head of state, as a result of the EU’s very unpopular migrant policy triggering more than 100,000 asylum requests.

The anti-Islam and eurosceptic Freedom … Read the rest


French police rally against anti-cop hatred

A police car has been torched in central Paris after an angry crowd surrounded the vehicle, police said.

The incident happened hours after police staged a rally protesting “brutality” against their ranks during massive anti-labor reform protests, which have been … Read the rest


France clamps down on labour protest reporting

French authorities used a provision included in the state of emergency to be used against a “terrorist threat” to limit some activists’ right to protest.

The Paris administration has banned a dozen activists from demonstrating against the controversial labor bill … Read the rest