The complete collapse of mainstream media

The complete collapse of mainstream journalism as we know it, is happening as we write.

The largest American broadcast networks — CBS, NBC and ABC — and major news-sheets like the New York Times and Washington Post have now cast … Read the rest

Herman Griessel: White settlers never stole any land from Africans

Black Africans never owned any land. Any form of formal ownership is a Western concept. You cannot take something from somebody who never had it. In fact, what is it that white people, specifically white men, are supposed to … Read the rest

Opinion: Sunday Times fails to resuscitate memory of dead little terrorist Chris Hani

Following upon the news of Janusz Waluś’s imminent release on parole, The Sunday Times is trying to resuscitate the still-born cult around the communist terrorist Chris Hani that few people have bought into so far. The swaggering loudmouth Hani who … Read the rest

Letter: The origin of the Black African’s feelings of ‘inferiority’

With Regards to the #RhodesMustFall ,#AfrikaansMustFall and the burning of “White” paintings: it is clear that the protesters don’t have any personal reasons to hate and despise the objects of protest. Rather they see things that others enjoy that they … Read the rest

Univ. of Pretoria girl speaks out against black intimidation on campus

Today I, a very proud Afrikaans-speaking person, who is just coincidentally white, am very angry. As I was planning to leave campus an enormous disturbance occurred. The EFF decided, once again, to protest. As always this is probably Apartheid’s fault … Read the rest

Eunice Potter: Please make ‘them’ go away!

Oh dear, how naughty of “them” to burn our precious UCT Jammie bus. How could “they” disturb our infantile pleasures at the site where we escape from the real world we created? Silly people, “they” are!

We demand our Beatrix … Read the rest

Jailing of Foreign Legion general could stir revolt

The French government made a mistake detaining General Christian Piquemal during anti-migrant protests in Calais, as many people are aware there are a lot of illegal migrants who have broken French law by arriving in the country, experts say.

An … Read the rest

Land grab incitement in South Africa

I AM disagreeably surprised that Business Day saw fit to publish the article by Thando Mgqolozana that called for the occupation of land by force (Land grab the only way to restore justice, January 20). In most countries, … Read the rest

Pieter Mulder: Current race debate is tearing S. Africa apart

The ANC is effectively busy ripping the South African community into two separate camps with the way in which the organisation is currently driving their campaign about racism.

Racism, from the side of both black and white, carries the germ … Read the rest

Betsy McCaughey: New York schools are tolerant toward crime by black youths

President Obama’s acting secretary of education, John King, hijacked Martin Luther King Jr. Day to accuse public schools of racism because black students are punished more often and more harshly than others.

The Obama administration has been threatening school districts … Read the rest

‘White privilege’ is a very strange phenomenon

I invite anyone interested in the concept of white privilege to participate in the following thought experiment.

Does a South Sudanese citizen benefit from white privilege? Surely not. How about a Japanese resident of Tokyo? This would be very hard … Read the rest

Obama sides with violent radicals

Rumors that President Obama was indoctrinated into jihadist beliefs have surfaced on the internet regularly. Where could he have encountered such beliefs?

Obama attended a madrassa as a youth in Jakarta, Indonesia. While working with mujaheddin forces in Pakistan as … Read the rest

Black commentator complains about Afrikaans in Namibia

By Jacques Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja

It is definitely necessary to unpack how and why Afrikaans is still largely utilised in Namibian workplaces in the 21st century. To get a good grasp of this issue, we probably need to understand the root … Read the rest

A student’s perspective: Whiteness, anti-whiteness and White Guilt

On November, 20, 1963, when the majority of Xhosa-speaking people entered a polling booth for the first time in their lives, the consensus regarding separate development became clear in the largest South African homeland of Transkei. In total 880 425 … Read the rest