Charlize and a Newer World Order

A new world order of warrior earth-mothers?

Imperator Furiosa, Charlize Theron is the “strong woman” figure in the latest Mad Max reboot. Mad Max, Fury Road opened to a box office success, and is undeniably a feat of technical and … Read the rest

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Top Gear too white, too male

Has Danny Cohen finally got his man? BBC television chief Cohen appears determined to go down in history as The Man Who Sacked Jeremy Clarkson.

If he succeeds he’ll be the toast of fashionable Shoreditch salons, a folk hero to … Read the rest

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SA’s first coloniser was a coloured

After President Jacob Zuma’s idiotic statement that all the problems in South Africa started with the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck in 1652, we have been noticing quite a number of Jan van Riebeeck profile pictures, cartoons and T-shirts on … Read the rest

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War does not love British PM back

UK Prime Minister David Cameron certainly loves war.

But events in Iran, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine, show that war does not love Cameron back, making him look rather like a dull schoolyard bully, oblivious to how he has actively … Read the rest

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Anglo-Saxons win a losing battle

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense says that in the latest mobilization, only 20% of those called up for service reported for duty. The Ukranians are not ready for the Neocon war effort, it seems.

But in the last 15 years Anglo-American … Read the rest

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Gaye Derby-Lewis protests the non-release of Clive

We have noted Minister of Correctional Services (DCS) minister Masutha’s latest remarks in the press and on television that there is the “possibility” of Clive Derby-Lewis committing fraud and “if any fraud is found, Derby-Lewis will be charged”, declared the … Read the rest

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Throwing Republicans under the bus for torture?

The United States committed war crimes when they tortured prisoners of war and Iraqi civilian internees.

Although it is common knowledge around the world and in America, it was President Obama who admitted at a press conference that America tortured … Read the rest