Robots don’t like dark skin

The first international beauty contest decided by an algorithm has sparked controversy after the results revealed one glaring factor linking the winners: White skin.

The first international beauty contest judged by “machines” was supposed to use objective factors such as … Read the rest

Genetically-engineered mosquitoes to be released in Brazil

In an effort to curb the spread of the Zika virus, a UK-based company has partnered up with Brazilian authorities to introduce genetically modified sterile mosquitoes into the wild to reduce the population and the threat of the virus spreading … Read the rest

The best OS for gaming: what you need to know

With three mobile operating systems to pick from, it can be hard to decide what type of smartphone you should buy. If playing games is an essential consideration, check out this comparison to help you decide between Window Phone, Android, … Read the rest

Mediaeval video games ‘legitimize white supremacy’ and nationalism – academic

“The Middle Ages is a space where white supremecy is legitimised. The maintenance of white privilege. The gamer community use ‘historical facts’ to legitimise this kind of literacy,” said British Ph.D. candidate Victoria Cooper recently. Mediaeval representations in video games … Read the rest

Google’s self-driving robotic cars take to Californian roads

Google Inc said on Thursday it had started testing the latest prototypes of its self-driving cars on Mountain View, California roads, with safety drivers aboard.

The prototypes will join Google’s Lexus cars, which use the same self-driving software, the company … Read the rest

Silent Circle moves to Switzerland to bypass US surveillance

As US mass surveillance continues to make headlines, one man has had enough. Philip Zimmermann, creator of one of the most widely-used encryption systems, has moved his company to Switzerland, claiming societies need to “roll back” surveillance tactics.

Expressing his … Read the rest

Solar panels can power the world says MIT study

An MIT report has found that regular solar panels like the ones used today could supply much of the world with power. They believe terawatts of energy could be produced by 2050 and say that investment, not technology, could be … Read the rest