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Real money games on mobile devices

The widespread availability of real money games on mobile devices makes perfect sense. The main thing that stops nearly everything from being available on mobile devices is the simple fact that sometimes, there are going to be too many technical … Read the rest


Li-Fi: Internet by light

Connecting your smartphone to the web with just a lamp — that is the promise of Li-Fi, featuring Internet access 100 times faster than Wi-Fi with revolutionary wireless technology.

French start-up Oledcomm demonstrated the technology at the Mobile World Congress, … Read the rest


5 Best Gaming Apps

Do you love gaming? If so, you are not alone. It is a fun way to pass the time, but it’s even better when you can win money, like on the Royal Vegas app.

Unfortunately, with so many options on

Read the rest


US Internet control ending

The head of the nonprofit group that oversees the world’s Internet addresses expressed confidence Thursday that it would be privatized and out of US government control by year’s end.

Fadi Chehade’s comments came despite criticism in the US Congress, where … Read the rest