Race realism in South Africa

By Johann Theron

Racial laws in South Africa were derived in principle from American Minority-Law despite South African blacks being a dominant majority.

The SA Effect

Thabo Mbeki implemented the current racial classification in South Africa where biological superiority is … Read the rest

Blacks are confused and they require help: But what help?

by Johann Theron

Blacks themselves give a lot of clues as to what they want or need, especially when they think some politically correct answer is not required. Very few would venture to actually admit to wrong-doing such as the … Read the rest

Zuma: ‘Don’t worry, I am safe’

by Johann Theron

Leaders traditionally do not classify themselves. This allows a sort of evolutionary anticipation towards emerging scenarios which makes identification of the “next” leader difficult. In this sense leaders are a lot like entrepreneurs because they essentially come … Read the rest