Things fall apart

When it comes to teaching the art of music, any good teacher would tell a student that focusing too much on the notes would result in a rigid and wooden performance, but focusing too much on the music’s feeling would … Read the rest

The “R” in evolution.

The world has had its fair share of revolutions in the past few centuries, most notably the French, the Russian and perhaps slightly less so the South African “transformation”.

The narrative abounds that life has become either too complicated or … Read the rest

The decline of Sweden

In a recent article it was predicted that Sweden, one of the world’s most progressive nations, will end up impoverished and third world by the year 2030. That is only fifteen years from now. The United Nations Human Development Index … Read the rest

The white musician’s burden

It has become part and parcel in South Africa today for various opinion makers, entertainers and activists to take to political hectoring and vilifying of their fellow entertainers.

Since last week, various commentators and activists have come out strongly against … Read the rest

In the shadow of the red buffoon

South Africa has just set a new record for itself in terms of public lunacy, which is not really surprising. Ever since the ANC took over they’ve outdone themselves many times in terms of foolishness.

This time it concerns the … Read the rest

Verwoerd’s echo from a dead man talking

Hendrik Verwoerd
Hendrik Verwoerd

by Joseph Secrève

What do Hendrik Verwoerd and Ray Jasper have in common?

At first glance this question may seem a bit peculiar, with Verwoerd being the well-known and much maligned ‘father of apartheid’ and Ray Jasper being … Read the rest

Nihilism: South Africa’s new religion

nihilistBy Joseph Secrève.

What does nihilism mean? That the highest values devaluate themselves. The aim is lacking; “why” finds no answer. – Nietzsche.

I’ve recently perused an old interview dating back to 1983 between Dutch author Willem Frederik Hermans and … Read the rest

Apartheid and Black Consciousness: An unexplored angle


by Joseph Secrève

The late 50’s and 60’s were interesting times worldwide. Dramatic shifts took place and people of various nations and convictions were busy experimenting with new identities and freedoms. An important milestone was the progressive decolonisation of Africa, … Read the rest

Mandela, Obama and the end of democracy


One of the best means of enslaving an entire people is to weave them an illusion that they are free.

Significant cornerstones in achieving this grand illusion have already been set in the West, and regardless whether one believes Read the rest

The West’s slippery slope to sadism

20 May 1983, Civilians killed in Church St bomb attack, with the help of Britain, The Netherlands and Sweden

by Joseph Secrève

If one were to take a bird’s eye view of the changes that took place in Western nations … Read the rest

Anders Breivik the white Mandela

by Joseph Secrève

It’s been a week since the most notorious modern day mass murderer on Norwegian soil has been sentenced to 21 years, the maximum sentence the Norwegian state could offer. Given the severe nature of Breivik’s crimes – … Read the rest