The Grapes of Wrath

Hillary Clinton recently stated somewhere that she lost the presidential election because her campaign neglected the “ordinary people”. And, of course it is the “ordinary people” who form or should form the majority of voters in any democratic state. Clinton … Read the rest

Karel Combrinck: De profundis

The University of Pretoria is traditionally and historically an Afrikaans university. For English-speaking readers this notion perhaps requires some clarification. It does not mean that anyone intends the University of Pretoria to be an exclusively Afrikaans university in that people … Read the rest


What a subject, you may say. Yes indeed.

The best minds on earth from Socrates to Solzhenitsyn have applied themselves to the question of truth. The Oxford Dictionary defines truth as « the quality or state of being true.» Not … Read the rest

Mistah Kurtz

In previous contributions to Praag, mention was made of the modern tendency to career helter skelter after all manner of doctrines and ideologies, mostly peddled by the fashionable media and their muftis, the “opinion formers”. In the paragraphs that follow … Read the rest