South Africa’s black colonialists


by Dan Roodt

Recently I watched a so-called “debate” on SABC2 on what was referred to as “land reform”. Most of the participants were calling for a Zimbabwe-style expropriation of Afrikaner-owned land.

For some time now I have been thinking that South Africa is perhaps the first country in the world afflicted with black colonialism. As ever, one’s perception of our socio-political situation is entirely determined by the paradigm or worldview from which one gazes upon South Africa.

Notwithstanding the anti-Western rhetoric of the black colonialists, they share the same culture, language and imperialist disdain for us as Lords Milner or Kitchener of yore, burning everything in sight and herding us into concentration camps. Black and white colonialists on the SABC2 were united in their thirst for land and for forcibly removing the rightful owners – like any conquistador in the days of the Spanish Empire.

Of course, black colonialism often clothes itself in leftist idiom. Hence, the white British Marxist Professor Ruth Hall of UWC was herself calling for the eviction of Afrikaner natives from their land in favour of some new form of plantation slavery, preferably lorded over by people with Ph.D.’s in dubious disciplines from the United Kingdom.

Seated in air-conditioned offices, the black colonialists wish to evict Afrikaner peasants from their ancestral lands. The colonialists commute in spanking new German luxury cars while the sunburnt Afrikaners in shorts and velskoens drive around on dusty roads in aged utilitarian bakkies. The arrogance of this colonialist land-grab project rivals and surpasses the infamous Berlin Conference of 1884-85.

Our minds, like our universities, have been colonised. Hence the almost complete lack of critical perspective on the colonialist enterprise known as the “New South Africa”. The black colonialists are bourgeois through and through, vacillating between a kind of British comprador consciousness and dreaming of being African American, especially now that an African American is ruling the USA, that great imperial power.

The contempt for our indigenous Afrikaans culture, literature, cuisine, style and our very names have never been greater. Britain never changed the Voortrekker name of Pretoria, yet the black colonialists – who are also sadists – relish in humiliating us daily with their colonial folly of “Tshwane” which is about as foreign to South Africa as the Cyrillic alphabet.

South Africa is being pillaged by these colonialists who enslave and exploit us, confiscating our resources to finance their colonial lifestyle in ludicrous Italianate mansions.

Colonialism and imperialism are destroying us, both materially and spiritually. Our country is in dire need of national liberation. The first step is to liberate our minds of the rubbish that passes for the dominant ideology, justifying the land grabs and exploitation.

This piece also appeared as a letter in Business Day.