American farm manager attacked with machete in South Africa

LADYBRAND. – An American farm manager has been attacked with a machete by blacks in South Africa. Allen Rodgers was attacked on the farem Geluk, owned by the American company SBH Farms.

The 61-year old was rushed to the Mediclinic private hospital in Bloemfontein with slashes and cuts after having been attacke by three black men. They waited for him in the farmhouse after they had ambushed his girlfriend, Mandy, and tied her up.

According to a farmer in the area, he was ” attacked with machetes and wounded badly”. However, a spokeswoman for the Mediclinic, Amanda Appelgryn said that he was “stable”.

Mr. Bernard Maree of the Free State Agricultural Union, said that the attackers had stolen about R10 000 and some cellphones.

Police were still looking for the criminals on the farm while soldiers were despatched to the Lesotho border. Lesotho, a landlocked country in the centre of South Africa, was given independence by Britain in the nineteenth century to frustrate Afrikaners during a war with the Basotho and today the country is notorious for its cross-border criminal raids into South Africa.

In the ongoing ethnic conflict in rural South Africa, other whites and Afrikaners have been killed over the last few days. At Hartbeesfontein in the Northwest province Ronél van Eyk (46) was killed after taking her 9-year old son Freddie to school.

She was about to leave when three black men attacked her, Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said.

“She was shot in the cheek, arm, and breast before the men fled with her white Toyota Venture.”

Her neighbour, Jurie Fourie, said that he was eating breakfast when his cellphone rang. “It was Ronél. She could only breathe with difficulty. I phoned back when the cellphone went dead. Ronél again picked up and I could only hear her heavy breathing.”

Shortly before she died, Van Eyk indicated that there were three black robbers.

In other casualties over the last 48 hours, Owen Charles of the farm Armadale near Jansenville was murdered by farm attackers. His wife Janet, whose 7oth birthday had been celebrated on Saturday, was attacked with a knife and was hit over the head with a blunt object. She was in a critical condition and taken to the Life St. George hospital in Port Elizabeth.