S. African police trying to clean up crime, corruption in its ranks

SAPS-murderTwenty members of the SA Police Service have been suspended in the past two months, the police said on Sunday.

“The actions of the employees were investigated and, based on prima facie evidence, disciplinary action was taken against them,” spokesman Lt-Gen Solomon Makgale said.

The suspended employees include eight police officers and 12 administration officials, said Makgale.

Makgale said that over the past two months 191 members of the police were arrested for their alleged involvement in various crimes such as murder, rape, corruption and fraud.

“An instruction has been issued to make it compulsory for members of the SAPS to regularly declare when they are facing criminal investigations.”

Makgale said that police management was also in the process of verifying the academic qualifications of employees.

“Employees whose academic records differ from what they have declared to SAPS will be dealt with and may be investigated criminally depending on the circumstances,” said Makgale.

Agang SA has welcomed the decision by the police to verify the qualifications of all policemen and women.

“The levels of public trust and confidence in the capabilities of the South African Police Service are so low,” spokesman Thabo Leshilo said in a statement.

Leshilo said Agang SA urged the police leadership to speed up the probe to verify the qualifications, especially those in leadership positions.

Makgale said the police has dismissed 930 of its members over the past 17 months. – Sapa