Three blacks arrested in Zeerust for murder and house robbery

arrest_handcuffsThree men have been arrested in Zeerust in connection with murder and house robbery, North West police said on Wednesday.

Two men were arrested last month and one took the police to where the stolen items were, said Colonel Sabata Mokgwabone.

“The men took the police to a bush at Ikageng township and police dug out a plastic which contained three pistols, three rifles and rifle ammunition,” said Mokgwabone.

Police also found a silencer, a set of binoculars and an empty magazine.

Mokgwabone said the discovery of the firearms led police to arrest the third suspect on Tuesday.

“The third suspect took the police to the bushes where five firearms and four rifles were recovered.”

Mokgwabone said it was discovered that three firearms belonged to a farmer who was attacked in April.

“Police were further taken to Dinokana village in Lehurutshe where they found a hunting rifle with empty magazine dumped in the bush.” – Sapa