Hollande is like that ‘retard from the bush’


The visit of the white, neo-colonialist and very unpopular French president to South Africa is marked by vitriol against the already suffering white monority.

On Tuesday, Francois Hollande will visit a plant owned by French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, which manufactures its anti-retroviral and anti-TB drugs in South Africa, obviously hoping to boost his country sagging economy with South African state funds.

He will then head to Soweto, the Johannesburg township which was a hotbed of resistance against white minority rule, where he will visit Mandela’s former home.

Aides said this was a way of paying homage to the 95-year-old statesman, who is too ill to receive official visitors.

On the economic front, aides to Hollande said some agreements on energy and transport were in the final stages of negotiation but were not sure to be signed during the visit.

French companies are notably awaiting a decision on whether South Africa will go ahead with plans to build more nuclear power stations. Critics say that the visit was really to discuss kickbacks to government employees.

French-speaking Congolese immigrants in Johannesburg said Hollande is as bad as Julius Malema who is a “retard from the bush” working for ruthless colonial interests in trying to chase away local whites and destroying economic prospects for all.

France has a history of betraying minorities, their own, in former colonies.