Where were Afriforum, Solidariteit, Radio Pretoria during Red October?

red_october_projby PB Prinsloo

Red October Pretoria was a huge success, as hoped for. The primary objective was to draw international attention to the situation in South Africa and the international media exposure was more than ever experienced at any other event ever before.

This truly is history in the making. The presidency accepted the memorandum, which is another success, because in terms of this Constitution it means they are now bound to honour it and respond.

This had nothing to do with rugby, so obviously we did not draw the crowds we would have liked to. This had nothing to do with retaining the name of a city with streets named after terrorists where drug lords rule and no one dares venture after dark, so the emotional aspect did not provide a drawing card of any sorts.

No one was making money from this, so the marketing was by word-of-mouth without marketing budgets.

Now that it is over and done with, the beans would be spilled as to why Afriforum, Solidariteit, Radio Pretoria and others boycotted this huge event aimed at making the world aware about the murders rapes, torturing, crime, discrimination against whites and the deteriorating services in this country. As for OASE, they destroyed themselves in the process by showing who and what they really are all about.

As for the groups mentioned above, they are out of my life and I never want to hear from them again or have anything to do with them, ever. They are all about working for themselves, promoting their organisations and scoring points. Their boycotting of Red October and particularly the manner in which they went about it, was enough evidence to convince me that they do not give a damn about you and I, they are in it all for themselves and for their little organisations and movements, but wait for the beans to be spilled on that issue.

What Red October has also showed us, is that there is a HUGE world-wide awakening regarding the genocide against whites, not only in South Africa, but globally.

The international support was beyond our wildest expectations. This was by far the most successful international awareness project ever launched in South Africa and I am humbled by the efforts of Sunette Bridges, who proved her worth to the ultimate level of success. This cost her not only financially, but in terms of time, effort, emotionally and physical exertion all at the same time.

Is this the end of Red October? No this is only just the beginning. It will grow from strength to strength from here onwards. Sunette Bridges did this in three weeks, now we have a year to prepare for the next one. Hopefully by that time most whites would have woken up to the realities of this country.

As for unity Red October proved for the first time that unity among whites was possible Never before had we seen so many different organisations, people, activists, artists, movements and businesses coming together for the same cause, the survival of the whites in South Africa.

Those who are serious about our survival and our future all took part, did their part, played their role and got involved.

This morning’s march was more than just memorable, Sunatte’s speech was something everyone should have heard, it was from the heart, honest, sincere and to the point.

Steve was his own passionate self as always, and telling as it is, even challenging government at times.

Henk van de Graaf handled the international media on farm murders in his usual highly professional manner spilling the facts and the detail.

Red October is here to stay. There are still a few events in other countries, but the USA, Europe, New Zealand and South Africa have had their turn and it was amazing!

Those who decided to boycott it, well forever hold your peace. You had your chance and you showed us how selfish you really are.

Thank you Sunette Bridges (and your husband, Chris) for having put this together and for everyone who played a role, who did not just sit around moaning and complaining, but actually got involved.

See you here same time, next year.