ANC launches online radio station

ubuntuThe government on Thursday launched an online, 24-hour radio station that aims to showcase its foreign policy and shore up its position as a continental economic and political powerhouse.

Ubuntu Radio, operated by the department of international relations and co-operation, will “change how Africa is covered”, said spokesperson Clayson Monyela.

“South Africa has a good story to tell and we have done extremely well over the past 20 years. Our foreign policy has evolved but that story is not being told,” he added.

Pushing for a permanent African seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), South Africa is the only African member of the G20 and part of the Brics grouping, alongside Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Stimulate public debate

Monyela said the station aimed to stimulate public debate, with phone-in programmes and talk shows.

“We are not going to talk at our audience, but we are going to have discussions and conversations because people need to know what informs decisions on certain matters,” he said.

“Ubuntu” is used to describe African-style humanity.

South Africa has an estimated 14m internet users, roughly 39% of the adult population. – AFP