Objecting to hate crime: now also racist

delport_manfred_600by Manfred Delport

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In yet another shocking incident of racist hate crime, a timber harvester, Mr Dan Knight, was brutally murdered in KZN by black suspects. His partner, Ms Beth Butcher, recounted her horror at being forced to watch the attack. By “forced”, I mean that her head was held and turned towards the victim by force, and her eyes were forced open by one of the attackers, so that she could witness for herself the sheer horror of Mr Knight’s head literally being beaten to a pulp by his attackers. According to Ms Butcher, during a radio interview, they deliberately pulverized Mr Knight’s skull with a hammer and a plumber’s wrench, while she was forced to looked on.

The “motive?” Mr Knight had made the mistake of appointing a company, for which the perpetrators worked, to harvest timber, and the contracting company had failed to pay the perpetrators. Note that this was an arms-length relationship. They were not employed by Mr Knight himself, but by a third party. They nevertheless then took it upon themselves to smash Mr Knight’s head to a pulp, perhaps as an act of retaliation somehow aimed at their employer.  For the purposes of this column, I must emphasize that the victims were white and the attackers, which were known to the victims, were black.

Multiply the above horrific, barbaric act of racist hate crime by 4000 dead and often-tortured farmers who have died during farm attacks, multiply this by countless white victims who have been raped, attacked, robbed, hijacked, murdered and tortured by hate-filled criminals from other groups, and you start to get the idea of what is going on in South Africa. It can surely only be described as widespread, endemic anti-white hate crime, if not the beginnings of a genocide.

Of course, we will now be told by the usual suspects, the likes of Sipho Singwisa and Gillian Schutte of the Media for Justice (sic) movement, that this is all “ordinary crime”.  To them, being forced to watch while somebody crushes your partner’s skull with a plumbing wrench, is run-of-the-mill, everyday stuff, barely worth a mention. They will also, no doubt, attempt to offer the utterly moronic excuse that “everybody in South Africa suffers from crime”. While the latter may be true, it is whites who bear the brunt of hate crimes, for whites represent the vast majority of the victims of violent, interracial hate crime in South Africa. One just has to read the papers or watch the news to become aware of this undisputable fact, even though the media take great pains not to mention the race of the attackers. The surnames of the victims and court appearances of the perpetrators, however, almost always give the secret away.

White-on-black hate crime, on the other hand, is exceedingly rare. It is well-nigh impossible, for example, to find a single media report detailing a white-on-black sexual assault, whereas white women are often, and almost routinely, raped during anti-white hate crimes known as house invasions, and this even includes elderly women. To which the ever-more-desperate loony lefties will attempt to offer the feeble excuse that there are “more blacks than whites in South Africa”. Also true, but even controlling for population numbers, the rate per capita of anti-white racist crime still completely dwarfs the rate of whites committing hate crimes against others.

What is really guaranteed, however, to get these insane leftists berserk with froth-at-the-mouth fury, would be if anybody should dare to object to the violent, racist, anti-white crime endemic in South Africa in an organized fashion. This happened recently, during the Red October campaign, during which people like Sunette Bridges and Steve Hofmeyr (both singers), dared to protest against shockingly racist murders and other racism-inspired hate violence aimed at whites.

For her trouble, Ms Bridges, who I emphasize is a female entertainer who is almost certainly not dangerous or violent, for having the gall to object to the violent, racist attacks aimed at her people, has even been compared to Adolf Hitler in a diatribe penned in the Daily Maverick by a little-known Wits academic, no doubt wishing to burnish her PC credentials. And, of course, loony-lefties like Ms Schutte have wasted no time in being reduced to hysterically screaming the little magic word so beloved of the frothing-at-the-mouth left: “racist!”  Not only do the likes of Ms Schutte hysterically scream racism when whites dare to object to the hate crime aimed at us, but they actually want those of us who dare to protest, silenced by the government, as in this execrable piece of bilge perpetrated by Ms Schutte’s husband, Sipho Singiswa. Those who dare to write about racist hate crimes, are themselves branded as “hate groups.” In the above-mentioned piece of addled nonsense, Singwisa even frets about Ms Bridges (once again: a female singer) and her ilk taking to the streets and murdering blacks. I quote:

Perhaps they are waiting for the moment when these supremacists, drunk from the racist hatred they have been concocting and imbibing, and emboldened by the government’s lack of action against them, take to the streets and butcher a couple of innocent black people.

I would challenge the author of this incoherent nonsense to bring me a single example of any participant in the Red October protests who has ever committed a hate crime against any black person. Of course, this would imply that he would be amenable to a rational argument, which I would seriously doubt. However, following the “logic” in the tirade delivered by Singwisa, the surviving victim of the horrific attack mentioned at the start of this column, Ms Beth Butcher, would also be remiss in objecting to this clear hate crime which cost her her life partner. The likes of Singwisa and Schutte would, no doubt, prefer that Ms Butcher keep the details of this horrific, racist hate crime to herself and accept it as “ordinary crime”, or tell herself that “blacks suffer from crime too, so it must be OK”.

Should Ms Butcher dare to object to this hate crime, she, like Sunette Bridges and Steve Hofmeyr, no doubt runs the risk of being branded a racist by the likes of Schutte and Singwisa. They will also, as demanded in Singwisa’s incoherent ranting, insist that the government silences Ms Butcher, and perhaps even that the government prevents Ms Butcher from speaking to the media. Perhaps Schutte and Singiswa (is it only me who finds the acronym for their combined surnames – SS – ironic?) would even like to see the likes of Ms Butcher jailed, should she speak out.

Because, you see, in the insane world of the la-la-leftie loony, objecting to hate crime, even if you are a victim or related to a victim is, in itself, “racist.”