‘Hush, Madam,’ I am stabbing you

knife_murderIn an ironic mixture of the master-servant code, a black criminal in Ellisras, Transvaal said to his female white victim: “Hush Madam.” At the same time he was stabbing her repeatedly with a home-made knife, according to a report in Beeld.

“It was as if he wanted me to die,” Sandy Troskie, 45, told the newspaper yesterday.

Mrs. Troskie and her husband, Frans, 50, who are owners of the Sitatunga Safaris Lodge, were attacked last Saturday night in their home by four black men. According to them, it was an attempted murder as their assailants were stabbing them with the object of killing them.

The couple were being treated in the Montana Hospital in Pretoria for multiple stab wounds,  but were grateful for “having survived”.

Frans Troskie was angry, saying, “If I get hold of them, I will cut off their fingers one by one.”

The attackers only took a cellphone.

Mr. Troskie was watching television with his wife having retired to the bedroom when four black men stormed into their home.

“Only one was wearing a balaklava,” he said. “When I saw the masked man, I knew we had trouble.”

The four black men, armed with machetes and knives, immediately started attacking Mr. Troskie by hitting and stabbing him. Among other injuries, he sustained a hard blow over the head with a machete.

“As I tried to stop one, the other would stab me.”

Mr. Troskie finaly succeeded in kicking one of his attackers and left the house to look for help.

But in the meantime one of the black criminals managed to reach his wife Sandy.

“I heard that there was a lot of noise,” she said. “As I turned round, one of them came for me.”

He started stabbing her in her torso. She tried to prevent the stabbings and so got stabbed in the muscle and sinews of her right hand.

He repeatedly told her in a very calm way: “Hush, Madam.”

Mrs. Troskie gave him a single kick, after which he fell, grabbed her cellphone and ran off.

At this point Frans Troskie and his farmworkers arrived, each armed with a machete too.

The couple said that they were grateful that their two children and their friend had gone to the hunting camp just prior to the attack.

Their 12-year old daughter described the blood in their hom as a scene from a “scary movie”.

So far, the attackers have not been caught.