Swedish restaurant charged for serving ‘racist soup’

racist_soupA restaurant in Sweden has been reported to the police for racism after calling one of its dishes “Gypsy Soup”, claiming as a joke that all the ingredients were stolen.

The prank was the idea of the Lundavägens Grill restaurant, in Malmo, southern Sweden. It’s daily menu offered a “zigenarsoppa”, stating in brackets that it had got its name only because everything in it was a result of robbery.

But one female diner failed to get the joke and reported the grill’s owner to police.

“This is not acceptable. Veiled racism in Malmö is dangerous,” she told Sweden’s Metro newspaper.

Apologetic restaurant owner Slavko Rasic said he had not meant to offend, but accepted that some people might find it upsetting.

“I’ll take it like a man,” he said.

“I don’t think I am specifically pointing the finger at any race when I call it ‘gypsy soup’,” he added before claiming the whole thing was a private joke.

Rasic also said that he could have called the dish “Elvis soup”, as his choice of name was nothing more than a word.

“It would be a different story if the soup was disgusting,” he added. New York Daily News