Open letter to Dan Roodt


by Brian Faul

First off I am writing this mail in English in order for the message to be available to everyone. I am deeply concerned as to what is presently taking place in South Africa.

I am a white Afrikaans-speaking male in my 40’s. For all intents and purposes, this makes me enemy number one for those currently ruling South Africa.

I am a highly qualified professional in my field of expertise with many years’ experience. Among the problems I currently face is the total onslaught against people with similar profiles to mine. For the sake of correcting issues of twenty and more years ago, I am now after all this time being victimized to the extent of total poverty.

I have a forced financial commitment toward the state regarding rates and taxes. I am also taxed on the little revenue I generate on the side and I pay tax in the form of fuel levies and VAT every time I go to the shop. In return for this I get zero back from government. I am not allowed to parcipate in the formal job sector because I am not black enough..

A number of years ago I was destroyed financially by an unfair land claim that was eventually thrown out to my knowledge. During this time my business went insolvent as we were unable to operate on the property during the course of this bogus land claim.

As a result 15 people – all African – lost their jobs and the means to feed and house their families on the property and were put on the streets as a result. This, after living and working on the property with me for 16 years.

It later came to light that a very high-ranking police official who was later found guilty of fraud charges and corruption was behind the entire bogus claim. This is only one claim; there were many in surrounding areas that had exactly the same outcome: unemployment and poverty for hundreds of families.

Currently South Africa is living within a bubble.This bubble is bound to burst as more and more corruption comes to light and unemployment increases due to restrictive labour legislation being implemented. The problem by and large is that the people who are supposed to benefit most from this are standing to lose the most in the end.

I want to reiterate that this is not just an Afrikaner problem but a national problem for any white, coloured and Indian person in South Africa.

It is time for people to unite in thought and action before it is too late. There is still a small window open in this regard and this relates to the upcoming elections. It will in fact be the last chance for any white, Indian or coloured person to make a difference. After this election has passed and there is no significant opposition, the writing will be on the wall for all South Africans, including African people who are going to suffer the most, as in Zimbabwe. There will be no new dawn in South Africa, only poverty and strife leading to civil unrest and economic chaos.

The current government is essentialy anti-South African as it is embracing people from all over the world such as the Chinese who hold their allegiance to China and not to South Africa. Their interest is to take whatever they can back to build their own country, using our resources. In the long run millions of Chinese may settle in South Africa claiming our resources and living off our welfare system that is already overburdened and in a shambles as it is. It is known that the Chinese make the worst slave masters in the world.

Time is running out for creating an alternative. In this regard a formidable opposition is not yet available that will hear the concerns of the people. As far as I am concerned, Helen Zille and the Democratic Alliance have sold us out, following upon recent events. They have clearly unmasked their long-term intentions and they are not going to be acting in the interest of the minority voters.

In general South African people are hospitable, hardworking and honest, seeking a better life. By and large people of all races are not out to deliberately cause harm and conflict with each other. There is a very bad criminal element at present that is committing the most horrific crimes and gving a political slant to their actions. These crimes are often committed by people born after the democratic dispensation of 1994. They are often uneducated individuals that have been swept up by the words of a man such as Julius Malema that is forging ahead with a revolution based on self-enrichment and hatred because he was born black.

If one views what is taking place in South Africa at the moment a lot of it can be traced back to revolutionary tactics put in place by the ANC and Communist Party during their so-called struggle phase, including cadre deployment. It is as if no-one has given them the instruction to stop using these tactics as the struggle ended 20 years ago.

The cadre deployment tactics is what is currently driving economic collapse in many sectors including the most important: that of the future generation’s education.

The solution to this and many other issues is not a simple process and should be well thought through while we still have some time and this leads me to the following question.

Dan Roodt, will you be willing to lead us? I can only speak for myself and my family, yet I am sure that thousands of people in similar circumstances would ask you the same question.

The fact is, we the Afrikaans and English white people, as well as the coloured and Indian people, do not have leadership or rather coherent leadership at the moment. We are floating in a sea of doubt and despair, seeing civil strife ahead. This question is asked by people that have noticed your leadership skills. People that are willing to trust you and give you the support necessary to obtain this objective.

Those that do not arrach value to this letter, let them simply skip it and move on. This is a question raised by your followers and not by your enemies.

I believe you have been a victim of an onslaught by certain individuals to undermine your financial and moral support base.To those people I say: go to hell.

I have been made to understand that there is obviously a financial implication for yourself to enter the political domain. I believe the white people holding the same values as myself who are currently at the receiving end of this onslaught will commit financially to a few rand here and there. If people can donate cash to a host of causes without a direct impact on their future surely they will commit a few rand to this critical issue?

Perhaps you can set up a fund in this regard and outline the cost factor as I don’t believe people are actually aware that there are large amounts of funds needed for a venture such as this.

Time is of the essence so the sooner people are made aware and there is a manifesto in place the sooner people can act and commit to this.

Dr Dan Roodt, I urge you to consider this option and to at least put it out there for the general public and your support base to see.

Kind regards,

Brian Faul

  • Profeet

    Well said Brian, I will stand behind this proposal

  • Ciska

    Brain, independence in our own country, away from all that is happening in this SA can be the solution, must be the solution. Or everything will just happen all over again, you will be hated and blamed for everything, until your great grand children are borne. All that we can do is get out, get away, get our own land / country / whatever. If 7 mil Jews can get a sliver peace of land in the desert and make it work, why can’t we?

    • Boerseun.Z.A.R


    • werw

      The difference is that Jews have substantial political power and influence over foreign nations. The Jewish lobby is the most powerful in America and half of all funding going to the Democratic and Republican parties comes from Jewish groups. They control both sides to insure that whichever party gets elected, that they will be pro-Israel and sympathetic to Jewish interests.

      Whites in South Africa literally have no political influence.

      • Boerseun.Z.A.R

        Ja,two heads of the same monster.
        Protestants batting for zionists.

    • Ghost

      good idea.

    • marula

      The Jews have lost a lot of blood to keep that strip of land. Look around yourself, how many do you see that will lift their backsides to take what is inherently ours?

  • Willem De Jager

    Hoor hoor! Al is dit voorlopig om ‘n nuwe, onafhanklike groep te vestig wat die vryheids-ideaal voorstaan.

  • reggit

    The sad reality of SA’s future is that we will have to endure a civil war in order to regain control from the communists. The masses, who are easily swayed to vote by manipulating their uneducated ancestral instinct-dominated brain(less), will ensure communist victories year after year. Not even the liberal multicultural DA has a hope of ever dominating SA politics. Abovementioned masses will continue to outbreed any opposition.
    Ons sal oorleef – ons wat in die laer is met ons broers en ons Skepper.

  • Johann Theron

    I will support a stronger “influencing” movement where the definition may include areas such as friendly societies. These could include the spheres of finances where donations may affect the structure of the society (as with OUTA), later including politics & business. The reason I support Dan Roodt is because of his internationalization abilities. A simple little thing eg is editing local websites marketing South Africa, addressing human rights such as women’s rights with the UN Human Rights Council etc. These are not leftist of rightist, its just plain logic and affects all minorities in sub-sahara. What the author above also points to, is that internal communication to all locals must be redefined while we still have the chance.

  • Phil

    A new charismatic, God fearing leader needs to stand up in this hour of great need, and he must pull the people together, forming a new clean Government in exile, waiting to rule SA by faith.
    When people see this they will gather together in great numbers and follow such a true and upright leader.
    But until this happens, chaos, darkness and void will be the order of the day.

    • Pierre Hough

      Phil, daar isn baie sterk mense wie nou besig is om die Boere- en Afrikanmermense se belange te beskerm. Dit sluit geen Broederbonders of Vrymesselaars in nie, maar mense wie uitermatiug bekwaam is op elke terrain van ons samelewing. Die proses om selfbeskikking te bewerkstellig wat voldoen aan internasionale regsbeginsels en – vereistes, sal deur sterk militere mense gelei word, want so proses van onderhandelings mag dalk nie ‘n hegemoniese oorlog vermy nie. In so ‘n proses, is daar geen ruimte vir opportuniste nie! So, wees gerus, binnekort sal dit waarvan ek praat bekend word. En ja, Dan Roodt is nie deel van so ‘n proses nie, vir ooglopende redes.

      • betjie

        Ai Pierre, jy maak ons nou BAIE nuuskierig! Hoe lank min of meer voor ons meer te wete kan kom? Ons tyd is so min.

        • Pierre Hough

          Betjie,as dit nie was vir die klomp bliksems wie in die openbaar moet uitgewys moet word vir wie hulle eintlik is en van wie ek hierbo praat nie, was die proses om eksterne onafhanklikheid vir ons mense te bewerkstellig lankal reeds mee begin. Ook hier op PRAAG is ‘n klomp mense wie lyk my baie tyd het ok nonsens te praat en afbrekend te wees en vir daardie rede het ek ook ophou kommentaar te gee hier. Dis jammer, want as voortdurend opbouende kommentaar gegee word deur almal – sodat ons soos een magte volk kan saampraat – was alles al anders. So luister mooi, almal hier op PRAAG! Die mense wie nou die belange op die hart neem van ons mense het nie tyd vir speletjies nie.

          • Gas

            …sê die betaalde agent wat besig is met sy dom speletjies

          • 11petrus2

            Sien selfaangestelde (?) en gesplete SAP/PROG/DA konsultante raak alweer erg bedrywig met ongevraagde advies op Praag……Die groot bedreiging blyk dus te wees PRAAG …en die moet by ‘hook or by crook’ stiller gekry word. …Hoop Praag inisiatiewe slaan in paar moerske spykers in hul dem agterbakse doodskiste. WONDER TOG WIE FINANSIER AL HIERDIE KOORSIGE DERDES en natuurlik die ‘old school tie boy’s’ innisiatiewe……..OF IS DIT NOU MAAR HOE STUIPTREKKINGS VAN BRITSE FAIRPLAY VOOR N VERKIESING LYK…..

          • Pierre Hough

            Ai, as jy maar weet hoe verkeerd jy is. Kan jy nie lees nie?

          • A Stuijt

            Jou haatspraak is indrukwekkend Pierre, selfs vir jou lae standaarde.

        • BB

          It’s taking them rather long to come up with a new plan. Hough is not the brightest

          • Pierre Hough

            Dis nou vir jou ‘n ding BB! Dat ek sou gereken word saam met die persoon op wie jy sal uitkom op die “kliek”,..

  • Diana Gill

    Really good news. I honestly think that the honeymoon lasted for too long. It’s time to prove that no one can walk over and wipe their feet on you. The offer makes a lot of sense, as unfortunately not everyone of us could afford to give as much as they wanted. Little start can be a beginning of a greater project. All best luck to the author and dr. Roodt.

  • werw

    This is the society we have to live in:

  • Pierre Hough

    Brian, you are voicing a concern but I am afraid to the wrong person. As much as I have a high regard for Dan and his wife Karin, for as long as he lingers in the unsavioury company of Broederbonders and Freemasons who wants again to take charge – arrogantly and brazenly so – of the future of Boere- and Afrikaner people, I cannot support him at all, but I do have empathy for all his concerns, and yours.

    • Guest

      LOL. Says the guy who works for the ANC

    • werw

      And who are you? I bet you are a YES voter.

      • Pierre Hough

        Dis nou vir jou ‘n ding!

    • A Stuijt

      Mr Pierre Hough is one of those people who hates Dan Roodt and will do everything to stop him – even to the point of writing nasty lies about him on Mr Roodt’s own website. Shame on you Mr Hough.

      • Pierre Hough

        Me A Stuijt, jy is heeltemaal verkeerd. Ek het baie agting vir Dan (maar meer vir sy besondere vrou Karin). Ek sal Dan nooit stop nie want op sy manier, doen heel besonder baie vir die Afrikanersaak. Wie doen meer, wys my want ek ken hulle almal – en dis is nie die Broederbond nbie OK!? Maar dit beteken nie Dan is altyd reg nie. Ek ken hom goed, en het baie met hom en sy pragtige intelligente vrou gesprekke gevoer. Vra hom maar. Dit beteken egter nie Dan (of ek) is altyd reg nie, want ons situasie (amper noem ek dit poesieuasie) is te kompleks daarvoor. Dan sal jou vertel ek verstaan daai kompleksiteit ietewat meer as andere. Ek waardeer dat jy ‘opkom’ vir Dan.

    • Marinda Hibbers Pretorius

      Really Pierre, you seem to forget we know where your loyalties is or rather with whom, empathy ????don`t make me laugh

    • Boerseun.Z.A.R

      Thanks for your concerns.

  • Phil

    Ek sien jy is nog steeds vasgevang in die draaikolk van uitsluitlik Afrikanerdom beskerming isolasionisme en sluit al die ander Suid-Afrikaners wat dieselfde dinge wil hê uit. Om jou kultuur te bewaar moet jy nie ander Suid-Afrikaners wat in dieselfde ideale en visie deel uitsluit nie. Moet asb. nie dieselde foute maak as ons voorvaders gemaak het.
    Dus, as ek sê ‘n ware leier moet nou opstaan beteken iemand wat ‘n groter hart het wat nie uitsluitlik Afrikaner oogklappe op het nie, maar ook almal wat vrede, voorspoed, ‘n land vry van misdaad en korrupsie, waar almal saam in harmonie onder een vlag met respek vir mekaar kan lewe. Tans is dit nie so nie.

    • Chris

      Jammer multikulti werk nie.Maak nie saak hoe progressief jy wil wees nie.

    • Marinda Hibbers Pretorius

      vir 20 jaar het ons probeer, en ons self in die voet geskiet,kyk met wat se gemors sit ons vandag…en waar het ons as blankes op geeindig????

    • chris

      Phil, ongelukkig laat die Internasionale Reg toe dat slegs etniese groepe selfbeskikking mag eis. Dus sal jy nooit selfbeskikking as n blanke groep kan eis nie want dit is n ras term. Dus neem maar verlief met die idee dat Afrikaners wel mag en sal selfbeskikking eis want dis die eenigste manier om internasionale steun en erkining te kry vir die konsep. Ander taliges wat indentifiseer met Afrikaners se strewe na selfbeskiking word egter nie uitgesluit van die proses nie. Dus is daar nie sprake van isolasionisme nie, teendeel, dit is die eenigste konsep vir selfbeskikking wat aanvaar sal word deur die internasionale gemeenskap en dit is wat tel.
      OASE het reeds meer as 3 jaar se navorising gedoen plaaslik en i die buiteland ood die onderwerp en veral wat betref die Internasionale Reg se vereistes vir selfbeskikking van groepe.

  • werw

    I’m not sure what this article is supposed to accomplish. Whites have no political power. They lost it all when they voted YES and gave their country over to terrorists. Whites need to either emigrate or segregate their communities and create more exclusively white enclaves.

    • Nicholas That’s ALL

      Seriously ? In this day and age. Terrorists ?? Segregation ?? WoW

      • werw

        What’s the matter Nicholas? Never heard opposing views being expressed outside of liberal utopia?

      • Guest

        Yes seriously. But you probaly call them “terrasists” as in “War on Terrah” when the Boosh stooges like yourself launched a raid on a dead guy who had nothing to do with 9/11 and maimed a million American soldiers in order to accomplish that

        • BB

          … while supporting a real terrarist like Nelson Mandela, you forgot to add.

      • Morondetector

        The Palestinians want segregation in this day and age, incredibly…

      • Chris

        Yip they were still a week ago on the american list.Segregation is the english for apartheid.Segregation is a sin against mankind or can only the akfrikaans version be a sin? Like saying God comitted sin at the tower of Baal. WoW

      • Marinda Hibbers Pretorius

        go back to sleep Nicholas

  • Vrolik Witbooi

    Brian what is it that you mean by “lead” ?

    Is yours a wish to see Dan Roodt follow on the heels of Pieter Mulder – the other leader – and run for government ? Because that sounds all too much like Dan Roodt has possessed your keyboard and is checking himself out via the third person. You know you’re not getting paid soon right ? The google thing has messed up the cash flow.

    I for one actually commend what Dan Roodt has done and I admire his courage to stick his neck out by voicing what many people are thinking. He’s calling a spade a spade.
    However, there are a few complications for Dan Roodt and probably most of the entire pantheon of “leaders” who are today already leading the Afrikaners, be that via some form of endorsed process – ie. Pieter Mulder – or by means of self-appointment. The latter category has a growing number and it includes Dan Roodt. I’m sorry, because 5 simpletons who have nothing else to do but to sit and wait for his next publication at all agree with him and rush to give him back pats … because they see a leader in every other Afrikaans person with visibility including Roodt, that does not make him a leader per se and I can assure you that he already has a less enthralling effect on more people than what you might think.
    I personally find his discourse one dimensional – it is almost entirely based on his revenge wish list which includes the “Anglo Saxon” empire, the roped in Bantu – and Jewish viziers who now work for the enemy in South Africa, the bohemian lost Afrikaans wannabe journos who try their best to camouflage their Afrikaansness, all dedicated to the downfall of the Afrikaner. Yet your proposed alliance of minority resistors is meant to include some of the above ?

    Also, do not forget that the very people from which you’re expecting a leader often have stringent requirements for acceptance. This may include being Afrikaans, white and Calvinistic. Else, sorry. Of course they’ll high-five you if you happen to be a passing Jew or a Brit who blows your horn but do yourself a favour, sit back for a while and note how tolerant some of them are when it comes to mere correspondence among each other (in other words the ones who comply with all 3 virtues above). It’s childish, arrested and often chaotic as feeble minded people go round and round the microphone.

    Apart from his limited general appeal thus far there is of course also one other aspect which, strangely enough, no one bothers asking questions about before they grab Roodt and drape a laurel round him. That is “How ?” How is Dan Roodt, if he garners 10 000 supporters tonight, going to lead us ? Answer’s simple, he’s off to parliament of course. It will work as follows :

    First he will make himself available as local Vryheid Front candidate. Then he gets done by the very party he represents. Then he publishes it. Then he relies on the resulting attention to run again, this time as independent (or yet another front of which he and his 6 fellow writers and resistance journalists make up the bulk). Then he merges with the other Front ‘cause they look bad when Dan Roodt becomes more vociferous than them. Then we have Doctor 1 as uber leader and the new wannabe usurper Doctor as 2-I-C. Then …. then it’s business as usual for our new leadership in their micro party inside the ANC. By that I mean same as it is now for Doctor Pieter Mulder who does a bit of this and a bit of that, he attends seminars overseas with other minority groups and they discuss new and wonderful theories about how to enjoy life as a member of an ethnic minority. By that time at least our man is in parliament and instead of only having one Doctor who represents nil, we’ll now have two who achieve nil and the greater South African tax pool is paying for both. Job done.

    I agree with your view that we need to consolidate the interests of different people and we need to make work of geographic isolation – or more specifically exclusivity. But it aint gonna happen through legislation, be that granted by the Azanian government or decreed by one of the current crop of self-styled leaders come theologian with a narrow outlook on life. This time it’s grassroots and I can assure you that’s one place where Doctors don’t do well.

    The person who manages to bring, and then hold together people of differing language, religion and even race in order to tear off a piece of South Africa would have to be one with the virtues of a Gandhi. Not to mention patience. A man who is not simply willing to walk on the dirt road with his people but also inspires others to walk with him. And that, at least for the Afrikaner, is where the road to freedom begins. Right now they cannot even look after a hand full of their own poor. The government must be petitioned to deliver food, water and sewage to the white squatter camps. The only other hope for these destitute souls would be a local church. In spite of the crosses on the hill the Afrikaner farmers still fail to form a cohesive defence and the suburban types rely on the black police to protect their kids and their elderly. Not one single newspaper exists that barracks for the Afrikaner. This in spite of the obvious need (I’m referring to something that at least appeals to a wider audience than the current sad collection of narrow minded pages out there on the www)

    It’s not about independence and self-determination anymore. There is something wrong with the Afrikaner heart and character. Let’s call a spade a spade here to – the Afrikaner has a problem with his identity. And now amount of ‘representation’ with boutique legislation as the only result is going to give that to him. He needs a very very charismatic person in whom the implied qualities and characteristics are visible. Someone Afrikaners as well as other South Africans can identify with and be proud of.

    Dan Roodt, as jy reken jy’s die Afrikaner se verteenwoordiger, dan moet jy seker maar ophou om te koes en te keer en jou stand punte te verdedig.

    • Guest


    • Boerseun.Z.A.R

      What a lot of mumbo jumbo.

  • chris

    Brain, there is only one permanent solution to this problem and that is internationally recognized external self-determination for Afrikaners. (which doesnt mean other langauge groups are excluded). Afrikaners has the strongest historical claim to certain parts of this country and the international law and international community recognizes the right to self determination for ethnic groups to such an extent that it was entrenched as a convention , signed by South Africa , of the UN. The International Convention for Political and Civil Rights , Art. 1.1 : “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.’
    The good news is that there is an organization that has taken up this task to work towards self-determination for Afrikaners. You can read more about it on their website:

    The reason why Afrikaners can claim self-determination is because the UN convention only recognizes self-determination of “peoples” . Thus whites (a race group) cannot claim the right to self-determination, but an ethnic group (a people) can claim this human right. Afrikaners has the strongest claim to land of all the groups of European dependency. But this does not preclude others who identify with them from supporting it.

    • 11petrus2

      WELL SAID !!

    • WWW

      And what about the rest of us who don’t identify as “Afrikaners”?

      The standard definition of “Afrikaner” is someone of Dutch/French descent who speaks the language of Afrikaans.

      How can you say that this doesn’t exclude other languages?

      • chris

        Go read OASE website and stop making assumptions.

  • Peacemaker

    I agree with Brian. “United we stand, divided we fall”. We HAVE to do it together. Separate groups are outworn and failed, before and after 1994. Been and done!
    SA needs a real fresh start, together as a nation. We need to look past ourselves or rather, get over ourselves and look for the bigger picture. We need to have joy in this country, not the constant strife of power one over the other. We need to unite SA’ns for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Strength in numbers to get rid of crime, corruption and hatred, in order for us to live in harmony. To attract investment. A pro-active mind-set to a better SA for all ! A win-win combination. One small step at a time! We can do it !

  • peacemaker

    One other thing Brian mentions, I agree with are all the ‘foreigners’ who are taking from our country and going back to theirs, hopefully eventually. It is chaos with so many streaming in, and taking, when we don’t even have the infrastructure to accommodate.
    This lot really are clueless.

  • Edward Aurellius

    Emigrate? Wait?
    Emigration is the safest option as the are white majority rule countries that have the same European descent Christian based morals and values. Sadly every attempt to attain refugee status for white South Africans has failed thus far. Genocide watch is bumping up the steps for this way too slowly. This needs to change asap.
    Or wait for unity? 20 years later and its doom and gloom like our forebears predicted and getting worse! science says natural selection and survival of the fittest in an extreme environment(the stronger, most witting whites survive?) promotes evolution and a few generations of extreme survival and day to day civil strife of biblical proportion will eventually bottleneck the pressure whites into full out resistance that is capable of defence, or will the original native nation continue to sweep over like a tide?
    Systematically they politically control almost everything and insight racial genocide to live media, a convenient medium to send a message over the hills and far away. It seems like many regret backing down from international pressure to end apartheid and voting for A N C. Probably one of the saddest things in the modern world, other nations involved in removing any ability to defend ourselves, that is supposed to scorn racism and made S.A end apartheid, is that everyone is happily going about their businesses while all born and bred white Africans are on the chopping block!
    It would be lekker to see justice prevail and some of the dreams of a first world economic and prosperity to return to SA but I think of the tens of millions of people who have no idea about civilization and who are in fact, opposed to it, savagely…