Shongweni murder of elderly couple ‘nasty’


A Shongweni South Coast KZN journalist quotes the neighbour who discovered the tortured bodies of the elderly white couple John and Hester Noble: “What these people did was nasty. How can anyone torture old people like that?”

“Police reservist and neighbour of murdered couple John and Hester Noble, Dave Leslie, described the murder as the “worst [he] ever encountered”.

“Leslie, who owns wedding venue Stonehaven Castle in Shongweni, was the first person on the scene and said the community is shattered over the gruesome murder. He said he was called by neighbours to investigate after the couple didn’t answer the door when the gardener and the maid arrived for work.

“I forced my way inside the gate and when I got to the garage, John was lying there strangled with a wire.

“I then looked for his wife and found her in their bedroom strangled with her oxygen pipe.” Leslie said she had suffered from emphysema for months.

It is believed the intruders were in the house between 9pm and and 1am.”What these people did was nasty. How can anyone torture old people like that? If they wanted to rob them they should have tied them up, taken whatever they wanted and left,” Leslie said.

Leslie described the deceased as a loving couple who went out of their way to help others.”The couple lived alone. Their family is in Cape Town and Australia and we have notified them,” said Leslie.

Police recovered the couple’s abandoned car. No arrests have been made in connection with the attack and murder. –