Rosatom due to sign SA nuclear agreement in 2014

rosatomRosatom, or the Russian Atomic Energy Agency is prepared to build nuclear power plants in South Africa and set up research centres to train personnel.

South Africa’s NPP project is estimated at 40 billion dollars to 50 billion dollars. Eight power generating units with more than one GW of power capacity each are due to be built under the project. Rosatom has offered assurances that in South Africa it will use its latest, – “post-Fukushima” – nuclear reactor safety systems.

“Rosatom boasts the latest nuclear power plant building technologies, just as several US and European corporations,” the Energy Development Fund Director Sergei Pikin said.

Russia and South Arica have already reached agreement to that end. Now the agreement should be declared legally valid. The contract is due to be signed on February 15th next year. Rosatom says it is prepared to co-fund the project. Also, Russia has the required resources to supply fuel for nuclear power plants to be built, says an analyst with the Veles Capital investment company Ayrat Khalikov.

“Traditionally, the organization that builds an NPP is due to supply nuclear fuel rods for it. In other words, if Russia builds a nuclear power plant somewhere, Russian uranium mines, as well as facilities that enrich uranium to turn it into fuel will also become involved,” Khalikov said.

Speaking of prospects for Rosatom’s cooperation with South Africa, and African countries in general, experts point out that Rosatom will have to withstand some pretty tough competition.

But Russia’s offer is more attractive, since Moscow is prepared to provide the full cycle of services, from drawing up a project plan to rendering the maintenance service of the plant. Also, the quality-price ratio is no small importance. Voice of Russia