Congregation robbed at gunpoint in S. African church

shotgun+bibleToday, the Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Thulani Ntobela expressed his disapproval of the barbaric incident of robbery at a church in Masoyi.

On Friday, 22 November 2013, members of a local church in Mganduzweni Trust in Masoyi near White River gathered for a night prayer.

Just before mid-night, they were accosted and attacked by a gang of four men armed with a pump action short gun. The men commanded the congregants to lie down and robbed them of their personal belongings.

The thugs took some members of the church who parked their cars outside and searched them. It is alleged that they further took other personal belongings, cash and raped a 21-year-old church member.

“This act of lawlessness is not approved and must be condemned”, said General Ntobela.

A call is hereby extended to community members to rally behind the police in their efforts to put the acts of these miscreants to a curl-de-sac.

“A church is a place of worship where congregants gather to pray and it should be respected but these villains had a different ideology.

We need to stop them before they ruthlessly attack other churches,” concluded General Ntobela. – SA Police Service