France provides maps of Africa’s real borders

africamapsFrance has provided maps from its archives on African borders to the African Union.

France was one of the top colonisers of Africa and was involved in creating borders of most of the countries.

The AU’s Director for Peace and Security, Wane El-Ghassim, says knowing this kind of information will help curb some of the conflicts we still see today.

He says when borders are not clearly defined there is a huge risk of tensions resulting in conflict.

El-Ghassim says borders were defined by treaties signed by colonisers as a result these countries have a lot of information on Africa.

This is why the AU is trying to generate as much information as possible from the colonisers.

Africa has 80 000km of borders, but only 30% are precisely demarcated and this has been a source of disagreements among many countries in the continent.

Meanwhile, Analyst and Senior lecturer at Wits University, Koffi Kouakou, says Africa should not be relying on outsiders to give them information. He says it is important for Africans to have their own information.