Black security guards caught committing robbery at factory

adtThe South African Police Service National Investigation Unit under the direction of Lieutenant General Vinesh Moonoo foiled an organised business robbery at a warehouse in City Deep, Johannesburg on Monday morning.

The detectives received information that a company called Mpisi Import and Export in City Deep was going to be robbed with the assistance of the company security guards as well an ADT security guard.

The accused initially went to premises where the CCTV cameras were being monitored and they allegedly destroyed the recording equipment and they then proceeded in trucks to the actual warehouse.

With the assistance of the Johannesburg K9 Unit, our officers initially stopped an ADT security vehicle as it emerged from the Mpisi warehouse. Several bails of clothing (jeans) were found in the security guard’s vehicle. The guard was arrested and his cellular phone was seized.

The team then proceeded to the warehouse and found no security guards at the gate, instead, they were caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar. They were in the back of a truck which had bales of clothes, the same as those found in the ADT vehicle.

One of the security guards was supposed to have been guarding a completely different premises but he had not been on this site at all.

The three suspects arrested have been identified as:-

  • Sipho Nhlanhla Lulane (ADT Security Guard)
  • Sipho Sfiso Ngubane (Mpisi Security Guard)
  • Phuti Abdnico Manoko (Mpisi Security Guard)

All three suspects have appeared in court 17 at the Johannesburg court yesterday and have each been granted R5000 bail. – SA Police Service