Brutal attack on 82-year old white woman by 4 young blacks

knife_murder82-year-old Mrs Hannetjie Bezuidenhout was attacked in her bed at 03h30am at her Roodeplaat, Pretoria home by four young black males who tried to cut off her lips and slice through her throat with a knife. However, Mrs Bezuidenhout fought back bravely and screamed very loudly: an excellent tactic as the thugs ran away.

Nothing was robbed. But her thumb was nearly severed, her chest-bone was broken and her face is horribly bruised. During her courageous fight with these four “heroes of the revolution”, she screamed loudly for help whereupon the assailants ran away. Mrs Bezuidenhout survived and is undergoing medical treatment, writes the Boere Krisis Aksie assistance group on Facebook, Jan 1 2014.