Queen Georgina and the Holocaust card

Georgina Guedes enjoying the Colonial Life
Georgina Guedes enjoying the Colonial Life

by Albert Brenner

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I must admit that I did not expect Georgina Guedes to do it. But then, maybe I underestimated the impact my column had on her. For her subsequent reaction speaks volumes about her desperate attempt to silence me… and all other Red October supporters once and for all.

Unfortunately it is, even in our day and age, still very easy to silence someone. All you have to do is pull the Holocaust card. This card still trumps all others. It is the Royal Flush of the moral poker of our Zeitgeist. Whoever pulls this card is guaranteed to win the game… solely by way of implicitly accusing his/her opponent of complicity (by association) in the horrors of Auschwitz.

And this is exactly what Georgina did in her critique of my column. Her play was narrative crudity at its best. She simply focused in on the Jewish genes of Nadine Gordimer. Something which I never even mentioned, simply because it was neither relevant in/to the context of my argument, nor does her, Gordimer`s, ethnicity/race interest me in the least. I specifically stated that Gordimer represents the interests of the British upper-class in Mandelatopia. Yet it provided Georgina with the golden opportunity to use the Holocaust card.

Why? Well, the Holocaust card still has the ability to blind all and sundry to the horrors that occurred before and after Auschwitz. It is the ultimate card played by Anglo-Saxon liberals when the Hillbilly-card and the race card have zero effect anymore. It is their way of telling the rest of humanity to simply shut up, for only they know best… what is best, for all.

And it is the moral weapon of choice of the British upper-class when it comes to deflecting all criticism from its unsavory role in history during the oh so glorious days of the British Empire — an epoch which saw the Brits invade nine out of every ten countries on the planet.

It suffices to say that the conquered did not appreciate their de facto enslavement by the Crown. Yet many Brits still yearn for those “glorious” days of old… when they, according to their moral rationale, “civilized” the world. Now obviously there were some positive aspects to British colonization, but woe beholds all non-Brits who use the exact same moral rationale to point to positive aspects of other forms of domination, like Apartheid, for example. For if you do so, the Brits automatically pull the Holocaust card.

Even more hypocritical is the fact that Cecil John Rhodes, one of the champions of the British Empire, was even more morally depraved than Hitler himself. According to Rhodes;

“I contend that we British are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. Just fancy those parts that are at present inhabited by the most despicable specimens of human beings what an alteration there would be if they were brought under Anglo-Saxon influence.”

“… despicable specimens of human beings… ?” Did he mean Africans, or the French, or the Chinese, or the Boers? Whatever his depravity; one thing is for sure, Hitler, as we know, at least liked white people. Rhodes on the other hand, hated all those who were not British… including all other whites on the planet. Yet his name and fame live on as if he were a benign being at heart, a hero. We have a Rhodes University in Mandelatopia, and innumerable statues and street names honouring him. A Rhodes scholarship is one of the most prestigious in the country.

Now just imagine a Hitler University, or a Hitler Scholarship. Just imagine if, for example, the half-wit pseudo-intellectual hobby gay-porn writer Eusebius McKaiser had instead received a Hitler Scholarship to study philosophy at Oxford. Maybe then the British visa/customs authorities would have taken a closer look at McKaiser`s past, especially given that little girl’s skeleton in his closet. But then, the victor writes morality, and little lackeys like McKaiser tag along merrily.

Be that as it may; Guedes’s attempt to silence me and, by association, all Red October supporters, back-fired beautifully. For not only has support for this peaceful movement grown exponentially, but the true face of anti-Semitism in Mandelatopia has revealed itself at one of the very tertiary institutions founded by the ever-so-innocent British upper-class, Wits University.

During a recent performance by an Israeli artist at Wits University, members of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) sang the Dubula iJuda (Shoot the Jew) song. Ha-ha… it used to be Shoot the Boer but now the wheel has turned — thanks to the ever-patronizing attitude of the British elite towards the locals of South Africa — the blacks, Coloureds and the Boer.

I wonder why Guedes did not pull the Holocaust card on these people, for they richly deserve it. But no; only the Boers are all aspiring Auschwitz camp guards, eternally. Little does the little MSM half-wit know that the Boers were the first to provide military assistance to the Jews fighting to ground their Heimat after their millennia-long Diaspora… which included their 350-year long expulsion from Britain.

But then; who cares that the Boer never harmed the Jew in South Africa? Who cares that the Boer was the best friend of the state of Israel? Who cares that the Jew became the richest group in South Africa during Apartheid? Who cares that the former Israeli Foreign Minister recently advised all Jews in Mandelatopia to flee to Israel? Who cares that England was the first European nation to require Jews to wear a marking badge? And who cares that the British upper-class physically banned Jews from Britain for a period seven times longer than the entire duration of Apartheid?

Nobody cares. Just blame the Boer. Just blame Dr Dan Roodt, Steve Hofmeyer, Sunette Bridges and all the Red October supporters. Just use the full might of Her Majesty’s MSM newspapers in Mandelatopia to hound them like an oh so sporting fox-hunt back on the sacred soil of the country upon which “God`s sun would never set”. Just keep on slaughtering those elderly Boer farmers like animals… they are all Hitler’s spawn anyway, period!

Who cares about the truth? Nobody in the Mandelatopian MSM, it would seem. Especially not those black journalists now working for Her Majesty.

All is just fine and dandy in the Queen’s backyard. Mandela`s inner-circle blacks have all been co-opted — as has the Afrikaner elite. The “dumb Dutchman” farmer Boers are still feeding the Great Unwashed… who have to slave away in Her Majesty`s gold, diamond and platinum mines in order to eke out a living in a world which Her money-mongers forced them into with Her hut and dog tax, in those glorious old days of the oh so benign British Empire.

Thank goodness the Natives are still not too restless, after even more than a century of bondage. No annus horribilis like in Zimbabwe… goodness me, have some more tea. Simply use MSM minions to silence the likes of Boer Albert Brenner and Bikoist Zolisa Socrates Soji. It’s all too easy…

Who cares that South Africa is a failed state in the making? The Queen’s cup still runneth over. Nothing to see here; just move along, as if nothing is awry — whilst blaming those “Jew-hating” Red October supporters. Just keep that stiff MSM moral upper lip. It is all so easy to keep the foot of the Queen on the neck of these people — Boer and Black. What military metal did a century ago, Anglo-Saxon morality is doing now. And if Her subjects dare rebel against their bondage, just say they are in league with Lucifer/Hitler.

For as long as the Holocaust card still trumps all others, all Good & Evil — past, present and future — remains the sole moral property of the Monarch of England.

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  • 64bit

    least you know your place 🙂

    • Albert Brenner
      • Trippie

        UITSTEKEND ALBERT ! Mensig, ek het nou gelag.
        Ek kan nie verstaan waarom hierdie idioot hierbo nie wyk Sowetan of Drum toe nie. Nie eers Bio-Classic gaan hier help nie …

        • Albert Brenner


  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    “Whether the british ruling class are wicked or merely stupid is one of the most difficult questions of our time,and at certain moments a very important question”

    ~Fransisco Franco y Bahamonde.

    • Albert Brenner

      They are wicked to the core…just look at those BBC peadophiles. The normal Brit, especially UKIP and BNP supporters, are grand fellows.

      • Boerseun.Z.A.R


  • Internet Heretic

    By the way, Nadine Gordimer is not a Jew. She is an Atheist. The Jews practice the Jewish religion.

    • Sue

      You have no idea what you’re talking about, which is so typical of this site. Nadine Gordimer is indeed Jewish. Judaism is a culture as well as a faith. It is quite possible to be Jewish and completely irreligious. You don’t need to “practice” the religion at all.

      • Carl Wessa

        Sue – So what doing here reading stuff from people who don’t know what they are talking about? I’m sure Heretic was referring to her religious beliefs and not her culture and he meant to say most Jews practice the Jewish faith. So she was a Jewish Atheist! Hope you feel better believing you are smarter than all the people using this site ’cause it’s the people that constitute the site and your callous throwaway is an insult to the people.

        • Sue

          Because it’s entertaining to see such ignorance wilfully paraded in public. Isn’t that what the Internet is for? Also, “Heretic” said “The Jews”, not “most Jews”: where exactly is the ambiguity in that? But never mind. This site seethes with bile, ignorance, and hatred, so don’t worry, I won’t be back.

          • Albert Brenner

            Anything else to offer….apart from the obligatory ad hominems?

          • Götterdammerung

            I wonder why – if this site is so ignorant – does the “enlightened” likes of Sue troll it? It is quite clear that whether Gordimer is Jewish or not has zero bearing on the article and its predecessor but it has become an issue as a possible faux indictment of anti-semitism and Holocaust “denials”.

          • Vincent Mtyende

            Love your insightful comments Sue, please don’t be frightened away by these ninny dimwits. Please stay.

          • Albert Brenner

            Yes… please do…

      • Albert Brenner

        I could not care less about her ethnicity. She’s an old hate-filled anti-Afrikaner hag Her death would leave my beer superbly cold.

    • Wilson

      Jews are an ethno-religious grouping. This means they are bound by race
      and/or religion. It’s entirely possible to be an “atheist Jew”, just
      have a look at the Soviet Union and the Marxist commissars. Marx himself
      was an atheist Jew. Although they rejected religion, they still had a deep sense of “Jewishness” bound by common race.

      • Spiros

        What were they doing in Russia,why were they not in Israel?

        • Wilson

          “Israel” as we know it today is a product of the aftermath of WW2’s reparations racket.
          Jews are Semites and originate in the Middle East, however many of them have migrated into various European countries throughout the centuries in what is known as the diaspora.

          Their failure to assimilate into the local populations has resulted in numerous conflicts throughout the ages.

          • Spiros

            Why should Europe,N-America,sit with a pack of Jews ?
            They should go home now,U.k gave them their country.

            why are they allowed to live in our countries but we cannot go live in their precious Israel?

          • Wilson

            Because white Westerners are some of the most guilt ridden idiots you will ever come across. They feel guilty for the “Holocaust” – never mind that it was only the Germans who supposedly perpetrated it. This is why there are holocaust memorials in nearly every European country.

          • Spiros

            There are no jewish memorials, were I come from.
            Nothing special about them in greece,they only own our economy.

  • Guest

    Is this why one never reads about Roy Bennett in Naspers?

    “In the Zimbabwean context, there is a need for reflection by major mining houses. Some of these institutions must come to terms with their unacceptable complicity in Mugabes blackmail. This is a story that cannot be left untold. There is no excuse for Impala Platinum, in an effort to placate ZANU-PF and Mugabe, to again offer the state mining rights in ZIMPLATS, a subsidiary it already owns and controls. These assets belong to Impala Shareholders! There is no excuse for Anglo Platinum to have ceded a huge chunk of its ground just before the 2008 electionsground that was quickly sold on by a desperate and cash-poor ZANU (PF) at a $100 million profit. […] In the pursuit of ill-advised opportunism, we also need to look no further than the sad and seedy role of Old Mutual in the illicit diamond mining that is occurring in the Marange diamond fields of Manicaland. These fields are controlled by the military junta and were attained over the dead bodies of hundreds of impoverished Zimbabweans. This unacceptable example of corporate greed and willful negligence cannot be swept under the carpet any longer. For a respected London-listed financial services company to continue its investment and shareholding in a joint venture with a disreputable scrap metal merchant and wait for this… an infamous confidante of Robert and Grace Mugabe is simply unbelievable! It is brazen. Old Mutual and its partners have benefited from the daylight robbery of mining rights and from massacres by the army and air force of Zimbabwe. In a well-documented orgy of violence, helicopter gunships mowed down civilians in cold blood, clearing the decks for the juntas illegal mining activities. As if blood diamonds were not enough, this company has maintained a significant share in Zimpapers, the publisher of the government-controlled Herald, among others. If ever there was a practitioner of hate-speech and an apostle of vice and violence, this is it. This dirty little rag plays a very real part in the butchery and battery of our people. If this were 1994, I might well urge Old Mutual to go ahead and invest in that mouthpiece of the Hutu extremists.”

    Roy Bennett: Conference of International Fund Managers held at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, 11.03.11

    • Albert Brenner

      Well, the Queen awarded Mugarbage an honorary Knighthood…whilst he was slaughtering 27 000 Matabheles.

      She’s a cold one for sure.

      • Boerseun.Z.A.R

        Don’t forget “Sir” Francis Drake,in the era when they were reduced to a nation of pirates.

  • Carl Wessa

    Where have you been Albert? Glad to see you’re back and on top of your form. Ek het die vakansie tussen my mede Afrikaners deurgebring. Wat ‘n fees!

    • Albert Brenner

      Ek was weer in Alibaba land. Moet maar geld daar verdien….want my EIE land skuit op my talente.

      • Salome Dooley

        Welcome back! Always great to read your stuff – only reason that I regularly visit this site. (I do not like the overtly angry/racist comments that guests sometimes post – even if the libs do drive me insane with their lack of logic – just reactionary – don’t they think things through?)
        Anyway – great article.
        PS – what do you do in Alibaba land?

        • marula

          “Dools”??? Are you for real?

          • Salome Dooley

            @ Marula – No idea what you mean – and not prepared to assume or speculate. So spell it out – do you meal Am I for real regarding my name Dools? or regarding my comment?

        • Albert Brenner

          Thanks Salome. I’m a security contractor.

      • Michael Lawson

        Im in Granada , Nicaragua for the same reason . Hope away from home . Vasbyt .

        • Albert Brenner

          Likewise boet 🙂

  • Wilson

    The relationship the NP government had with Israel was one of their many flaws. Instead of trusting a nation of paranoid Zionists looking to get their hands on another arsenal of nukes, they should have been more supportive of Rhodesia.
    The fact is that South Africa threw their fellow European-Africans to the wolves hoping to secure their own existence. Yet the fall of Rhodesia was one of the first and most crucial steps to majority rule in South Africa and those in charge were too blind to see it.

    • Albert Brenner

      I agree. Voster was a dumb fcuk. Google wikileaks’ ‘Kissinger Files’.He sold Ian Smith out in the hope of appeasing the likes of Idi Amin.


    the ‘six
    million’ numerology


    French Professor Paul Rassinier first called into question what was later
    to be consecrated as “The Holocaust,* the whole issue of Jewish casualties
    during the Second World War has come under closer scrutiny by a growing number
    of scholars and investigators.

    these have been Northwestern University Prof. Arthur Butz, whose The Hoax of
    the 20th Century has become a revisionist classic; the French documentary
    analyst, Prof. Robert Faurisson; forensic investigators Fred Leuchter and
    Germar Rudolf, both having produced definitive reports discrediting allegations
    of mass gassings; and the late and widely repected Hamburg jurist, Dr. Wilhelm
    Stäglich, whose procedural integrity remains a juridical model.

    Holocaust myth has been examined from every conceivable angle: from the
    standpoint of German government policy, logistics, demographics, technology,
    forensics, witness credibility, and the statements and admissions of Jews themselves,
    as well as that of self-serving postwar interests and motivation.

    universal conclusion is that European Jews, as active participants in the war,
    both as instigators and combatants as well as enemy aliens, did indeed suffer
    casualties as a result of wartime hostilities — not to mention natural causes —
    during the period, 1939-1945.


    But the
    number of those who died has been shown to be grossly exaggerated and
    inflated, in no way bearing credible resemblance to the far higher casualties
    of other major participants in the war. It has been further shown that those
    deaths which did occur resulted primarily from disease and wartime shortages of
    food and medicines, particularly during the closing days of
    the conflict — as well as from the well-deserved execution of Jewish
    Communist partisans for their terrorist crimes and atrocities!

    There is,
    in fact, a body of evidence of encyclopedic proportion refuting the Jewish lies
    and allegations, and one could spend years reciting this evidence, evidence
    which the Jews choose to stigmatize as “Holocaust denial,” but which
    is, in fact, nothing more than legitimate criticism and skepticism.

    In the
    search for truth, however, one is not concerned with derogatory labels and
    name-calling but with verifiable facts and evidence, employing all the rigorous
    canons of the scientific method. And so it is now, with a growing wave of Holo-skepticism
    — which was highlighted and given impetus by the 2006 Revisionist Conference
    hosted by the Iranian president — that this greatest of historical myths
    is beginning to unravel.


    is the Hoax more glaringly exposed than in published figures showing the Jewish
    population at around 15 million before the war in 1939 and up to 18 million in
    1948 — a truly prodigious feat of population growth, especially if we allow for
    an intervening loss of that iconic Six Million.

    One does
    not have to be a rocket scientist to realize the biological impossibility of 9
    million Jews (15 million minus 6 million) doubling their number in
    less than 10 years, even if each one had been administered a hefty dose of

    there is the question of that mysterious ball-point pen, first introduced after
    the war, which somehow managed to write whole sections of the so-called
    “Diary of Anne Frank.” But that’s another story.

    the most telling indicator that we are dealing here with an elaborate hoax
    comes from the sacrosanct treatment of the kabbalistic figure of “Six
    Million” itself. Concocted in the late 1944 by Ilya Ehrenburg, the
    hate-crazed, psychopathic Jew in charge of Soviet wartime propaganda, 4 million
    of this number were said to have been “gassed” at the Auschwitz
    detention facility. For years this was commonly accepted as gospel.

    Numbers Begin
    to Fall

    Then in
    1983, French researcher Georges Wellers declared the number of those who died
    at the wartime campsite to be only 1.5 million, a reduction of 2.5 million. In
    1992, Dr.Franciszek Piper, director of historical research at the Auschwitz
    museum, placed the number of deceased at a further 1.1 million.

    by new evidence, the figure kept falling: down to 1 million; then to
    900,000; after which came 800,000; then 700,000; 600,000; 140,000; and finally
    (based on the complete, 46-volume Soviet death registers recently released), 73,137
    of all nationalities, including German camp personnel!

    despite these deductions, somehow, mysteriously — miraculously — the
    figure of “Six Million” has remained intact and constant! If one were
    to subtract any number from 6 million, one would expect it to be less. That is
    just plain, simple arithmetic.

    The ‘Six
    Million’ Constant

    Holocaust® mathematics moves in strange and mysterious ways — and the Six
    Million doesn’t move at all, but remains undiminished. For it is written, and
    the Chosen have spoken. Only an anti-Semite or inveterate Holocaust® denier
    would say otherwise!

    Yet, some
    remain incorrigible and skeptical. And no World War II theme park or
    faith-based litany, no matter how often recited, can persuade them that a
    blatant hoax is actual history.

    *Le mensonge d’Ulysse, Paris: Éditions Bressanes, c.1950

    • Spiros

      Read the book Holocaust hoax by Michael A. Hoffman II,it was available at “Thinkers Library”

      • GUEST

        I have already read it. Read the book : The Founding Myths of Modern Israel by Roger Garaudy – available at amazon. Did you read Judaism Discovered – also by Michael Hoffman?

    • Spartacus

      I’m confused, which Holohoax are you talking about ? There’s more than one, you know :

      • GUEST

        The most notorious one, where the Judaic scum tried to defile Adolf Hitler. Did you know that just about the entire Hebrew “religion” is a big myth and was plagiarized from much older esp Sumerian and Egyptian myths?

        • Spartacus

          I’ve read something about that, but never bothered researching further. All I need to know about them is what they’ve been doing recently, and how to stop it.

  • Andreas Meyer

    The card is so powerful, liberals will defend it by all means, while some will actually look through it and dismiss it: