Queen Georgina and the Holocaust card

Georgina Guedes enjoying the Colonial Life
Georgina Guedes enjoying the Colonial Life

by Albert Brenner

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I must admit that I did not expect Georgina Guedes to do it. But then, maybe I underestimated the impact my column had on her. For her subsequent reaction speaks volumes about her desperate attempt to silence me… and all other Red October supporters once and for all.

Unfortunately it is, even in our day and age, still very easy to silence someone. All you have to do is pull the Holocaust card. This card still trumps all others. It is the Royal Flush of the moral poker of our Zeitgeist. Whoever pulls this card is guaranteed to win the game… solely by way of implicitly accusing his/her opponent of complicity (by association) in the horrors of Auschwitz.

And this is exactly what Georgina did in her critique of my column. Her play was narrative crudity at its best. She simply focused in on the Jewish genes of Nadine Gordimer. Something which I never even mentioned, simply because it was neither relevant in/to the context of my argument, nor does her, Gordimer`s, ethnicity/race interest me in the least. I specifically stated that Gordimer represents the interests of the British upper-class in Mandelatopia. Yet it provided Georgina with the golden opportunity to use the Holocaust card.

Why? Well, the Holocaust card still has the ability to blind all and sundry to the horrors that occurred before and after Auschwitz. It is the ultimate card played by Anglo-Saxon liberals when the Hillbilly-card and the race card have zero effect anymore. It is their way of telling the rest of humanity to simply shut up, for only they know best… what is best, for all.

And it is the moral weapon of choice of the British upper-class when it comes to deflecting all criticism from its unsavory role in history during the oh so glorious days of the British Empire — an epoch which saw the Brits invade nine out of every ten countries on the planet.

It suffices to say that the conquered did not appreciate their de facto enslavement by the Crown. Yet many Brits still yearn for those “glorious” days of old… when they, according to their moral rationale, “civilized” the world. Now obviously there were some positive aspects to British colonization, but woe beholds all non-Brits who use the exact same moral rationale to point to positive aspects of other forms of domination, like Apartheid, for example. For if you do so, the Brits automatically pull the Holocaust card.

Even more hypocritical is the fact that Cecil John Rhodes, one of the champions of the British Empire, was even more morally depraved than Hitler himself. According to Rhodes;

“I contend that we British are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. Just fancy those parts that are at present inhabited by the most despicable specimens of human beings what an alteration there would be if they were brought under Anglo-Saxon influence.”

“… despicable specimens of human beings… ?” Did he mean Africans, or the French, or the Chinese, or the Boers? Whatever his depravity; one thing is for sure, Hitler, as we know, at least liked white people. Rhodes on the other hand, hated all those who were not British… including all other whites on the planet. Yet his name and fame live on as if he were a benign being at heart, a hero. We have a Rhodes University in Mandelatopia, and innumerable statues and street names honouring him. A Rhodes scholarship is one of the most prestigious in the country.

Now just imagine a Hitler University, or a Hitler Scholarship. Just imagine if, for example, the half-wit pseudo-intellectual hobby gay-porn writer Eusebius McKaiser had instead received a Hitler Scholarship to study philosophy at Oxford. Maybe then the British visa/customs authorities would have taken a closer look at McKaiser`s past, especially given that little girl’s skeleton in his closet. But then, the victor writes morality, and little lackeys like McKaiser tag along merrily.

Be that as it may; Guedes’s attempt to silence me and, by association, all Red October supporters, back-fired beautifully. For not only has support for this peaceful movement grown exponentially, but the true face of anti-Semitism in Mandelatopia has revealed itself at one of the very tertiary institutions founded by the ever-so-innocent British upper-class, Wits University.

During a recent performance by an Israeli artist at Wits University, members of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) sang the Dubula iJuda (Shoot the Jew) song. Ha-ha… it used to be Shoot the Boer but now the wheel has turned — thanks to the ever-patronizing attitude of the British elite towards the locals of South Africa — the blacks, Coloureds and the Boer.

I wonder why Guedes did not pull the Holocaust card on these people, for they richly deserve it. But no; only the Boers are all aspiring Auschwitz camp guards, eternally. Little does the little MSM half-wit know that the Boers were the first to provide military assistance to the Jews fighting to ground their Heimat after their millennia-long Diaspora… which included their 350-year long expulsion from Britain.

But then; who cares that the Boer never harmed the Jew in South Africa? Who cares that the Boer was the best friend of the state of Israel? Who cares that the Jew became the richest group in South Africa during Apartheid? Who cares that the former Israeli Foreign Minister recently advised all Jews in Mandelatopia to flee to Israel? Who cares that England was the first European nation to require Jews to wear a marking badge? And who cares that the British upper-class physically banned Jews from Britain for a period seven times longer than the entire duration of Apartheid?

Nobody cares. Just blame the Boer. Just blame Dr Dan Roodt, Steve Hofmeyer, Sunette Bridges and all the Red October supporters. Just use the full might of Her Majesty’s MSM newspapers in Mandelatopia to hound them like an oh so sporting fox-hunt back on the sacred soil of the country upon which “God`s sun would never set”. Just keep on slaughtering those elderly Boer farmers like animals… they are all Hitler’s spawn anyway, period!

Who cares about the truth? Nobody in the Mandelatopian MSM, it would seem. Especially not those black journalists now working for Her Majesty.

All is just fine and dandy in the Queen’s backyard. Mandela`s inner-circle blacks have all been co-opted — as has the Afrikaner elite. The “dumb Dutchman” farmer Boers are still feeding the Great Unwashed… who have to slave away in Her Majesty`s gold, diamond and platinum mines in order to eke out a living in a world which Her money-mongers forced them into with Her hut and dog tax, in those glorious old days of the oh so benign British Empire.

Thank goodness the Natives are still not too restless, after even more than a century of bondage. No annus horribilis like in Zimbabwe… goodness me, have some more tea. Simply use MSM minions to silence the likes of Boer Albert Brenner and Bikoist Zolisa Socrates Soji. It’s all too easy…

Who cares that South Africa is a failed state in the making? The Queen’s cup still runneth over. Nothing to see here; just move along, as if nothing is awry — whilst blaming those “Jew-hating” Red October supporters. Just keep that stiff MSM moral upper lip. It is all so easy to keep the foot of the Queen on the neck of these people — Boer and Black. What military metal did a century ago, Anglo-Saxon morality is doing now. And if Her subjects dare rebel against their bondage, just say they are in league with Lucifer/Hitler.

For as long as the Holocaust card still trumps all others, all Good & Evil — past, present and future — remains the sole moral property of the Monarch of England.

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