650 000 homicides in South Africa in 20 years!

Kevin_Kingby Kevin King

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The SAPS stats confirm that towards the end of 2014, we will have had 650,000 homicides since 1994.

Here are the facts:

  • SAPS reports show 392,886 (56.65 per day) murders in last the 19 years. During the 2012/2013 year they reported 16,259 (44.54 per day).
  • SAPS reports show 221,273 (31.91 per day) cases of culpable homicide in the 18 years up to 2011/2012. During the 2011/2012 year they reported 11,788 (32.26 per day).
  • Our homicide rate per capita is 11.5 times higher than the gun crazy USA, and we are ranked top 5 in the world under the most homicidal countries.
  • In the SAPS crime report for 2012/2103, there was NO mention of culpable homicide (the killing of another human being) under “serious crimes”, “contact crimes” or anywhere in the entire report.
  • Taking an estimate of the 2012/2013 cases of culpable homicide (12,300) and a forecast for the combined murders and culpable homicides in 2013/2014 (28,000), we will pass 650,000 homicides by late this year, 90 per day since 1994.

Culpable homicide

  • Why remove 12,300 unlawful deaths from the crime statistics, surely this is a serious crime and should be reported directly below murder? (Previously culpable homicide was reported in the bottom half of the report under “negligent and ill treatment of children”)
  • Why is our murder rate reported excluding culpable homicide and compared to international homicide rates that include culpable homicide?
  • In our country you can be executed in your home during a robbery (eg Father Louis Blondel) and it will be recorded as culpable homicide which means your death will not even make it only the crime stats. If this was America it would be recorded as “non-negligent homicide” which together with “murder” is the reported murder rate over there. Apples with apples?

The matric pass rate is reported excluding all the students who drop out. Similarly, South Africans being murdered are excluded from the crime stats and the murder rate. It’s not difficult to draw conclusions from this…

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  • Gwede

    This is the new SA,the Afrikaners could not continue to run apartheid SA.
    We in the anc were head quartered in London.

    • Johann Theron

      In the new SA the ANC phone businesses to enlist them in the ANC as protection against what may happen… Are you sure you were never in New York?

      • Gwede

        I have been everywhere,i will be in Pretoria soon when they change its name for the unveiling.

        • Johann Theron

          The mafia is also everywhere. Are you one of their workers?

          • Gwede

            the mafia are white criminals from Italy,I belong to the Zulu horde that runs SA.

          • Johann Theron

            I did not ask if you were a mafioso, just whether you worked for them.

          • Gwede

            Luister boertjie,we anc will rule till jesus comes again,now go cry to roodt & mulder.

          • sipho

            Gwede, if it is you. We koi san are waiting for you. Bra Juluis reach out to us, so I think Jesus coming soon because the ANC days are numbered. Good bye and good riddens.

  • Rooikop

    650k is a significant portion of the country’s population. Scary indeed.

  • Johann Theron

    Thank you for researching these fatality numbers. It confirms that statistic shenanigans are employed by the ANC to bullshit foreigners. I hope it works.

  • Andreas Meyer

    Killing a dweller during homicide is felony murder in American law. tmk.

  • John Hersey

    5th highest homicide rate in the world, dammit, can’t we win at anything?
    “You South Africans murderers, are a bunch of loosers.” ~ Ministry of Murders~