Black mob attacks, strips white family home bare on West Rand

Black Mobs on a Rampage
Black Mobs on a Rampage

by Riaan van Zyl

Residents’ greatest fear came true on the evening of 18 January when rioters turned on private property.

One such resident in South Road, René Scheepers (40) and her three children were getting ready for bed at approximately 10pm when rocks started flying through the windows of the house. She immediately contacted the Witpoortjie Neighbourhood Watch who in turn contacted a nyala (police armoured vehicle) patrolling the area.

The rock-pelting attack was so intense that the nyala could not access Scheepers’ property. In the meanwhile she and her children locked themselves in a room.

Only at approximately 3am on Sunday 19 January the nyala got access to the house and evacuated the family. As soon as they left the protesters went on the rampage in the house stripping it of everything moveable such as jewellery, furniture, electric appliances, expensive crockery and even the children’s schoolbags. Scheepers’ family came the next morning to save what was left.

Scheepers has indicated that out of fear she will not move back to the house. She currently is residing with family.

A lot of questions has been raised about the SAPS and JMPD’s lack of pro-active policing in the ongoing protests. – Roodepoort Record