Mandela for Dummies

Winnie and Nelson Mandela, as well as Joe Slovo of the SACP, singing "Kill the whites"
Winnie and Nelson Mandela, as well as Joe Slovo of the SACP, singing “Kill the whites”

by Albert Brenner

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It simply boggles the mind having to witness people still prostrating themselves in the dust whenever the name Mandela is spoken. Elevated to a modern-day god, Mandela is believed to be three, a `Holy Trinity`… yet he is only one – the one ultimately responsible for having turned South Africa into a failed-state-in-the-making.

Mandela No 1 is the latest poster boy of the secularization process which dictated the morality of the West after WWII. It is, basically, the moral world in which the 10 Commandments were replaced by Human Rights. A world in which the biblical “love God and love thy neighbor like thyself” has been replaced by “love thy neighbor like thyself because /she is thyself, (both) God”.

This is the moral universe of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation – which turned the Afrikaners Beyers Naude, Van Zyl Slabbert, Max du Preez, etc. into Walter Lippman`s useful-idiots of Mandela No 2`s world. And it is the world that grounded Pax Americana…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Funny; if this “Creator” is no more – i.e. the moral rationale driving secular-humanism – how can we still state with such hubristic certainty that we are still “endowed” with them? Rather silly, but then; no wonder it has become the Inquisition.

Mandela No 2 is the world of End Game. A world which saw the dumbest Afrikaner philosopher ever, Willie Esterhuyse, formally hand South Africa’s future over to the cold Queen of England… at the behest of Her Holocaust card-playing Randlords. The world which saw Mandela and his inner-circle “struggle” buddies become some of the richest men in Africa… simply because Mandela No 3 did everything KGB colonel Joe Slovo taught him.

Mandela No 3, the real Mandela, is the great “democrat” who wrote; “If force will advance [the struggle], then it must be used whether or not the majority agrees with us.” And that is precisely what he, and his murderous “necklacing” wife, Winnie Mandela, did… killing 15 000 fellow blacks in the process!

This is the true world painstakingly depicted in the fantastic book The People’s War, by Dr Anthea Jeffery of the SAIRR…

  • “the ANC had little compunction about attacking black civilians, including its own supporters, for the formula for people’s war draws no distinction between combatants and others and regards all civilians (irrespective of their political affiliation) as expendable in conflict;
  • the ANC had a motive to unleash violence, for it wanted to create enough mayhem and unrest either to spark an insurrection or to weaken its opponents to the point where it could triumph in negotiations;
  • the ANC had the means to unleash violence, for the peace process allowed it to bring back into South Africa some 13 000 armed and trained combatants whom it then refused to disarm or disband; and
  • the ANC was the only organisation to draw benefit from the 15 000 political killings that took place in the early 1990s (after all major apartheid laws had been repealed), for it used these to;
  1. stigmatise De Klerk and the IFP,
  2. stampede negotiators into giving it what Joe Slovo called ‘a famous victory’ in negotiations, and
  3. put great pressure on the first all-race election, while making it unthinkable for anyone to demand a re-run of the deeply flawed April 1994 poll in which it was accorded (no accurate count being possible) some 63% of the vote” (source).

Well, there you have it. Mandela is not three. He is only one, No 3 – although No 1 and No 2 gave him – and his murderous, greedy and woefully incompetent ANC thugs – the Noble Prize for Peace… for having turned South Africa into a failed-state-in-the-making.

But then; only dummies won`t believe it.

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  • Reactionary

    This article is just preaching to the choir.

    It’s the white liberals and white dimwits who would rather watch Rugby and Cricket than think about politics, who need to be taught the real history of South Africa.

    • Guest

      No it will enrage the ones with little musical talent no end

    • Albert Brenner


  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    I wonder how long it will take for the white western world to realize this?
    maybe,once their mines become unproductive.

    • Albert Brenner

      Yup. Mammon usually has the last word.

  • Carl Wessa

    Hey Albert – good stuff – and Boerseun – I have this feeling that we who know these things have a 100 year battle on our hands to try and convince the “Mammonites” and their spawn that they are on the road to disaster.

    • Boerseun.Z.A.R

      “On the road to disaster “….,
      …………,we are close to ruined already.

    • Albert Brenner

      My pleasure, Carl.

  • Hans Onrust

    Milli Vanilli once stormed the popmusic lists. Nice pictures, no voices ended in understandable overall deception as soon as the full picture was shown.

    The first black president’s pumped up image might also falls into peaces when one measures the continuing unfolding result of the failed state.
    The scene of the request to visit his son in the recent boring mega merchandised propaganda film is factual questionable.
    After so much ridiculous imagebuilding I wonder if his last days differ from his whole life. He never met himself. That is real tragic !

    15000 blacks surely is just a part of the total amount of killings this trio is responsible for.
    When will wicked selfish winnie face justice after verifiable credible investigation ? Is the intimidated court creating a tradition in digging out a few additional corpses on a yearly basis ?
    The inevitable agreement to spare each other as part of the divorce deal is objectionable.
    Industrial psycho killer Slovo reminds in certain ways of the slim slimy humble Martin Bormann offering his utmost to please with the Berghof as Slovo did with impressive murder.

    • Albert Brenner

      Great summary;…in short, they sold guano as caviar.

    • Rooikop

      Nice work in comparing Slovo and Bornman

  • Johann Theron

    Wonderful insightful summary – thank you.

    • Albert Brenner

      Thanks, Johan.

  • egret

    This American wonders why whites deify Nelson Mandela. He is nothing more than than a figurehead for 3rd World Civilizations to hijack Western Civilization and bring it down Third World levels.

    • Guest

      Now who would want that?