Eating on camera in South Korea

eataloneThe job that Americans were destined to do: get paid to eat a lot of food while other people watch on the internet. Reuters is reporting on “gastronomic voyeurism,” a trend growing in popularity in South Korea.

34-year-old Park Seo-yeon used to work for a consulting firm but has left that job. Why? She’s earning more than $9,000 a month to eat on camera.

Going by the name, “The Diva,” she sits down to a table of food and eats for up to three hours. Her viewers chat with her and send her “virtual balloons,” which Reuters says, “translate into cash.”

So, what’s the deal? The Diva thinks it’s about enjoying something through someone else, “People enjoy the vicarious pleasure with my online show when they can’t eat that much, or don’t want to eat food at night, or are on a diet.”

One of The Diva’s fans, 26-year-old Park Sun-Young says it’s about approximating the feeling of having company. “It’s comforting for people who eat alone,” says Park.

Apparently, eating alone is something that is happening more and more in South Korea. Reuters points out that within 15 years, a third of the nation’s population could be comprised of one-person households, the fastest rate amongst developed countries.

Source: Reuters