US Delta Force covertly operating in Southern Libya

US-TroopsUS special forces are involved on the ground in the South of Libya against tribes and the US presence worries France.

“Since the end of last year, Delta units disguised as nomads, frame members of the Libyan special forces in their hunt against al-Qaida in the south,” says Le Figaro a French military source. “The United States believes that the threat of disintegration South Libya is such that they can no longer be satisfied with a single aerial application of this threat.” These mixed teams are supported by drones and other means of recognition air, which locate convoys considered suspects. “Then aboard their 4 × 4, the commandos are approaching the target, and most of the time, the Americans leave Libyans treat the goal,” says the source.

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and his defense minister gave the green light to these operations

These operations involve the use of a disused base in the south. Problem, the Libyan Ministry of Defence has always denied the allegations.

On the French and British participation, the French General Staff has already started to prepare the minds (Figaro: “France evokes an operation in Libya”: “An international operation to put an end to the instability prevailing in the southern Libya would be an ideal scenario, today said the Chief of Staff of the French armed forces, Admiral Edouard Guillaud “)

Note that the threat of disintegration South Libyan operations came from 2011 for which we should all congratulate ourselves. The Director of National Intelligence has made a bleak description at a recent hearing in the U.S. Senate (“incubator” for terrorists, weapons of mass flow, porous borders, jihadists biased against supporting countries in the region to French intervention in Mali …). I would add that the state of emergency was declared in the south on January 19.

The situation has changed since October 2013 when a controversy had arisen because the Americans had conducted a raid on Libyan soil to stop an alleged leader of Al Qaeda. Libyan Prime Minister had sought clarification from the U.S. who responded that they were aware.

We can see the grotesque situation in which we are now, gravely infringing on questions of international law.

Libya has seen intense fighting in several cities; the most intense was in the city of Sebha in the south.

Government has deployed air force and used heavy weapons to quell the uprising of the southern tribes.

Armed militias from different regions including Misrata and Zintan were also supporting government troops in their fight to regain control over the Mehint air base and the city of Sebha. Sources has estimated the number of dead at least 186 people including women and children.

Source: Le Figaro