Professional victimhood: South Africa’s growth industry

delport_manfred_600by Manfred Delport

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Rape is a serious problem in South Africa. South Africa is known as the rape capital of the world. At least 55,000 rapes occur annually, including shockingly brutal incidents like the rape and disembowelment of Anene Booysen in 2013. Most rapes however go unreported, due to the stigma and humiliation involved in the legal process.

According to the South African Medical Research Council, rape may be under-reported by a factor of 25:1 in South Africa, meaning that the real number of rapes committed in the country is probably as high as 1,3 million! Even in countries at war, rape does not occur as frequently as it does in South Africa.

But, of course, this being the professional victimhood capital of the world, there are those that make a living by pretending they’ve been wronged or raped too. I call them professional victims, because they cynically make a living from others’ pain and suffering. They don’t build, invent, work hard or innovate. They especially do not take personal responsibility for their own actions. Instead, they externalize blame. It’s never their own fault, but always somebody else’s. Often they tend to be self-styled activists, and of course, journalist hacks desperately seeking some kind of inspiration.

Let’s take a case study. One of these professional victims gets involved with the ex-boyfriend of an acquaintance. She admits he’s got a reputation for being a known womanizer, but like a moth drawn to a candle, she can’t stay away from him. One night, by her own admission, she gets horrendously drunk in his company and invites him to her home, to “meet her dogs”. (No, really, this is her own story. )The inevitable happens. They have sex. Four years later, on social media, she alleges the sex was, in fact, rape, after reading some random piece of feminazi propaganda. “Strangely”, however, she did not report the alleged rape to the authorities, and her alleged rapist departed the next morning without incident. She remembers her vagina and thighs hurting the next morning (as did her head from her hangover, I would hazard).  How convenient. No DNA tests, no possible defence or rebuttal from the alleged assailant, just her wild allegations, four years after the fact. The allegations predictably contain no whiff of personal responsibility for her own actions.

A lack of evidence or proof has, however, never interested the professional victims, feminazis and libtards. The alleged rapist, who has had no opportunity to defend himself, is declared guilty by the Feminazi Inquisition. Immediately a whole industry of professional victims and seventeenth-rate journalist hags, mostly feminazis and professional gay victims in the employ of News24, springs to life. They sniff blood in the water. David Bullard, a semi-retired newspaper columnist, aids her cause immensely by making the mistake of calling the professional victim’s version of the events into question.  Voila! A dream situation for a ragged assortment of News24 hacks, feminazis and libtards, who vent their hysterical anger by screaming on Twitter.

Bullard is roundly condemned for daring to question the professional victim’s behaviour. Feminazis waste no time in screaming hysterical abuse at Bullard and all men who dare to question the activist’s version of events. Acres of trashy condemnation, cheap sensationalism and generalizations of all men being potential rapists appear in the already-nauseating pages of Women24. The professional victim, obviously and cynically not missing out on a commercial opportunity, publishes absurd stories on her blog, like this one, in which another so-called victim is convinced by a so-called therapist that she is also a rape victim. Again this happens three days after the event, after voluntarily sharing a bed with a man in a hotel room, and admitting to experiencing an orgasm in his car the next day, after the alleged rape. Again no charges are laid.

But what have these professional victims and feminazis really achieved? They’ve made it more difficult for real victims to come forward. They have done huge damage to real rape victims by crying wolf, because their unlikely stories and cynical exploitation of public sympathy have led many to wonder how many other alleged rapes are really what they purport to be.

Of course, professional victimhood, the externalization of blame for one’s own lack of initiative, a lack of a work ethic and a lack of morals, is endemic to South Africa, and not limited to feminazi hacks. Julius Malema is another professional victim, forever whingeing about how whites “stole” blacks’ land. To a professional victim like Malema, the facts, such as that the land was mostly obtained in a perfectly legal fashion by means of treaties and agreements, don’t matter at all. Malema doesn’t want to hear that Botswana, an entire country, as well as Lesotho and Swaziland, were given to blacks as part of a land settlement. No, it is a lot easier to pretend to be a victim, and to blame external parties for your own backwardness.

I can carry on quoting examples of professional victimhood. Affirmative-action beneficiaries are prime examples of professional victims. Jan van Riebeeck didn’t find schools, platinum mines, the wheel or commercial enterprises in South Africa in 1652, so it is impossible to logically blame colonizers for the lack of jobs, education or commercial opportunities among the then indigenous population. However, today all blacks are viewed as victims, and therefore Patrice Motsepe’s children will enjoy preference over poor white kids from a white squatter camp when both apply for a job. Another example of professional victims are those who loot and burn down the shops of Somali or Pakistani shopkeepers in townships. It never occurs to the looters that there is nothing preventing them from establishing the same kind of shops that the Somalis do. It is much easier to pretend to be a victim and to allege that the Somalis are stealing their livelihoods.

It’s easy to offend professional victims. It is easy to bring down a torrent of abuse and screams of “male chauvinism” or “racism” on your own head. All you have to do is to use terms like the following against these professional victims:

  • Take personal responsibility for your actions.
  • Work hard.
  • Stop blaming others.

All yours, professional victims. I look forward to the stream of filthy invective, outrage, abuse and hate that will now inevitably issue forth from your insignificant little poison pens.