Norway channel slammed for Jew clause joke

Atle Antonsen in the Jew Clause sketch
Atle Antonsen in the Jew Clause sketch

A TV sketch lampooning the banning of Jews from Norway in the country’s first constitution has been condemned as “shocking” and “embarrassing” by a leading politician in the country.

The sketch, which starred comedian Atle Antonsen, imagines how it came about that Norway’s founding fathers added a notorious clause outlawing Jews from the country to the 1814 constitution.

“It is shocking and embarrassing to create humour from this clause which shut the Jews out of our country!” Dagrun Eriksen, deputy chairman of the Christian Democratic Party, said on Sunday night as the sketch was broadcast on NRK.

“The Jewish clause is part of our dark history,” she told VG later, adding that the events remained “painful” for Norwegian Jews.

Source: The Local