Millions of ‘Spanish’ Jews to apply for citizenship

jewspainJewish associations expect 3.5 million Sephardic Jews to apply for Spanish citizenship after Spain’s Justice Ministry approved a draft law which will allow them to return to the country their ancestors were kicked out of more than 500 years ago.

The descendants of Sephardic Jews banished from Spain in 1492 will now be able to regain Spanish nationality under a new law approved by Madrid’s Cabinet of Ministers on Friday.

Those who can prove their Spanish origins will be able to apply for dual nationality at the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, El Mundo newspaper reported on Sunday.

According to Israel’s Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese Association (OLEI), the newly-approved legislation has already resulted in a flurry of applications from Sephardic Jews around the world.

Source: The Local

  • Jochen Peiper

    I hate to swear so I’m just going to call thiis as flipping biizarre….
    What is next?
    Why stop at Jews… why not the Moors? The Visigoths? The Gauls? What next?

    • Guest

      The others don’t have money

  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    The only catch is, they are required under Spanish law to abandon all other citizenship of any other countries they are holders of,in order to qualify.

    If I was a Jew in say, USA,France,Germany,Antwerp,Poland,Australia,Canada,would I give up my citizenship of any one of these countries to go live in a Roman country indefinately ?

  • Nico

    Can South Africans then get Dutch, German, French, British etc citizenship?