Presumed racist until proven guilty

manfredBy Manfred Delport.

The core principles in any justice system should be equality before the law and the impartiality of the justice system. As we have repeatedly seen in South Africa since 1994, this ideal of equality and impartiality is an absolute joke in the Mandelatopian justice system. If you are politically connected, you are much more equal than other mere mortals.

The most well-known example of this gross inequality in terms of justice is Schabir Shaik. Having been found guilty of fraud and corruption involving the president, JZ783, Shaik spent only a few months in jail, and most of these in hospital. He was then released on so-called medical parole, only to be photographed while enjoying his “terminal disease” on the golf course. On the other hand, people like Clive Derby-Lewis still languish in jail, years after he should have been released on medical parole, given that Derby-Lewis really actually has cancer. Unlike Derby-Lewis, the merry golfer is simply suffering from the terminal disease called life.

There is however a much more egregious set of double standards that exist in the Mandelatopian “justice” system. These double standards pertain to the grossly unequal treatment of whites and blacks whenever there is any incident of an interracial nature, and the prejudice that whites suffer.

Example 1: Two white students allegedly run over a black pedestrian in Bloemfontein. Predictably, the mainstream media immediately descend into an orgy of rabid, self-righteous rage, and waste no time whatsoever in hysterically labelling this as a so-called racist incident. Within days, the Human Rights Commission (HRC) announces that it too will investigate this incident.

Note the immediate assumption and prejudice, which is repeated time and again whenever blacks and whites are involved in an incident where the alleged wrongdoer is white: Racism is immediately the presumed motive of the white, no matter if there is any proof whatsoever to support this assumption.

Example 2: A black lawyer shoots a white motorcyclist in a road rage incident in Randburg. The lawyer claims the shooting was in self-defence, but this is patently absurd, given that the cowardly Randburg Backshooter shot his victim in the back, as his victim was walking away. Being a so-called lawyer, the Randburg Backshooter should surely realize that no impartial judge would ever accept self-defence as a justification for his crime in these circumstances. However, no news report labels this as a racist incident. The HRC’s silence is deafening, and there is no hint of any HRC investigation.

In contrast to the automatic assumption of a racist motive when whites are involved, there is clearly no automatic assumption of a racist motive on behalf of the Randburg Backshooter, even though he shot his victim in the back and clearly committed murder, and a cowardly murder at that. He is not prejudiced by the automatic assumption of a racist motive on his behalf, but alleged white perpetrators do suffer this prejudice.

I can, of course, quote hundreds if not thousands of cases in which black attackers viciously target whites during brutal farm invasions, hijackings, rapes and tortures, including incidents during home invasions in the suburbs. It is very, very seldom that the mainstream media would call these incidents racist, even though it is difficult to see why the brutal torture and murder of elderly whites by violent black farm attackers can be anything but the most shocking incidents of racist hate crimes.

Why is this? Why are whites involved in interracial incidents prejudiced in the media and the courts by automatically labelled as racists, and even investigated for so-called racism, while the same very seldom happens to blacks involved in crimes or attacks against whites?

It seems to me that whites are being treated unequally by both the justice system and the mainstream media. Any misstep on behalf of a white towards a black is automatically assumed to have racism as an aggravating factor or indeed its motive, whereas the reverse is not true. Because of this automatic assumption, the white perpetrator, if found guilty, would have his sentence aggravated because of the assumption, as well as the hysterical accusations of racism by the loony-left media, whereas black attackers of whites do not suffer the same fate.

The hysterical accusations of racism by the mainstream media, as well as the involvement of organizations such as the HRC, make a mockery of any fairness and impartiality towards alleged white perpetrators. Whites are subject to double jeopardy in the Mandelatopian justice system, because of the immediate additional of charges of racism in any incident involving somebody from another racial group.