Black murderer slit throat of fetus carved from womb

SAPS_badgeThe Black Zimbabwean accused of brutally murdering a young South African woman, carving her unborn baby from her womb and stabbing to death her toddler-daughter, is expected to appear in Lichtenburg Magistrate’s Court.

Samuel Ndlovu was refused bail earlier.

Janelee van Rooyen, 22, was last seen alive by her mother when she left her home in Blydeville with her daughter who was a year and seven months old.

The woman’s mother Elizabeth van Rooyen said her daughter, who was seven months pregnant, was found with her stomach cut open, and the unborn baby boy killed.

“My granddaughter, who was almost two years old’s throat was slit as well. It was just horrible,” said van Rooyen.

She explained that the man who claimed to be her daughter’s unborn child’s father was obsessed with her and often threatened and hit her.

“When I came home from work, they were arguing. He grabbed the toddler and wanted my daughter to leave with him, but I did not want them to,” said van Rooyen.

“They eventually left and I discovered the following day that they were all killed. I did not expect this to happen, to lose my child like this.”

Police spokesman Colonel Sabata Mokgwabone confirmed that the woman’s womb had been cut open, and that the foetus’ throat was slit.