Land reform and ‘Boerehaat’

roodt_dan_wikiby Dan Roodt

Proletarian internationalism has never really inspired the so-called “silent majority” in South Africa, so it must count as one of the failures of the Left that they never actually persuaded “the masses” to wave hammer-and-sickle flags and demand instant collectivism.

However, most of what passes in SA for leftist politics is ethnic politics. Behind the so-called “land issue” is the land owners, the majority of whom happen to be Afrikaners. Now, those are the people the Left loves to hate, as in “Kill a Boer, kill a farmer”, “dubula ibhunu” and the other versions in ten official languages, except Afrikaans. Although, given that the editor of Beeld has now succumbed to vilifying the university-age children of his own readers as “Nazis”, there might be some official Afrikaans version of “skiet die Boer vrek, ons soek sy grond” quite soon.

Surprisingly little has been written about the phenomenon of Boerehaat or “hatred of the Boers” as it exists in South Africa, Britain, Australia and many other Commonwealth countries. It is at least as pervasive as anti-Semitism and is characterised by:

  • denying that Afrikaners exist as a nation or ethnic group,
  • considering them to be inferior or less intelligent than other white nations (especially the English);
  • seeing Afrikaners as “in-bred” or “parochial” and not cosmopolitan enough;
  • seeing Afrikaners as “inherently evil” and therefore without any legal claim to land or other property in South Africa;
  • considering Afrikaans to be a “mixture of languages” or a bastardised Creole without any cultural, literary or aesthetic value (whereas linguistically Afrikaans is perhaps the purest of all the Germanic languages).
A slew of Boerehaat photographers seek out "ugly" subjects as representative of Afrikaners, such as this photo by American Roger Ballen
A slew of Boerehaat photographers seek out “ugly” subjects as representative of Afrikaners, such as this photo by American Roger Ballen

The Boerehaat game has now been going on for so long that everyone in South Africa is very comfortable playing it. Just about everything has been taken from Afrikaners except their very lives and a few family-owned farms that still produce what South Africans buy in the supermarkets. However, the supermarkets and especially the dairy companies have squeezed the farmers to such an extent that milk is actually produced at a loss so that soon all milk will be imported, laced with imported powdered milk which may or may not contain all kinds of other substances.

The destructive rage of the South African Left compares very well with that of the Soviet revolutionaries whom Solzhenitsyn accused of killing 63 million Russians or Mao’s Red Guards or Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge who also desired a “big transformation”.

 Most of what passes for SA history these days is a Marxist fairytale of the class struggle, which has been conveniently racialised to fit in with American race ideology that sees whites as inherently evil (being “racists”) and blacks as innocent victims of such congenital white evil.

Who really knows what happened in 1913 when the so-called Land Act was passed? Once you throw out the Deeds Office in your red fervour, you are left with competing “land claims” which will be decided by whom will get the most hysterical in denouncing the evil of his adversary. Now, the South African Left are also terrorists, as we know. If we define terrorism of the Church Street or Amanzimtoti bomb variety as “talking with the megaphone of amputated limbs”, we can already predict that a group of diffident farmers quietly appealing to economic rationality will lose the shouting match even before it begins. In fact, they have already lost it. So we know what is coming and it will be ugly for all concerned. More radicalism, more farm murders, more sadistic violence which will eventually tear down the vestiges of Roman-Dutch or “colonial law” that remain in this agonising society.

The Marxists feel cheated out of the second phase of the revolution and then the evils of apartheid get bigger and bigger the further we move away from it in time.  So the Boerehaat is constantly rising and the propaganda just keeps coming. The beast and its bloodlust have not been sated yet.

Most Afrikaners now believe that some kind of violent upheaval or civil war or apocalypse in South Africa is inevitable. You just have to read all the underground novels that mainstream publishers won’t touch and that outsiders do not even know about, Afrikaans having been declared officially dead, especially now that it is being extirpated at the tertiary level.

I find it ironic that the radio journalist Stephen Grootes should mention Robespierre in his article Land reform: Still caught up in politics, as I have often thought that the years since the mid-1980s will in future Afrikaner history be known as The Terror or “La terreur”. We are already in it and there seems to be no end in sight. Every day brings news of new atrocities being committed in the countryside.

Last night someone contacted me from Richards Bay where a young Afrikaner girl of 16 had been kidnapped by two black men and sexually molested by them, although by some miracle she was not raped. There is no police protection worth mentioning as the police are also black and therefore often sympathetic to criminals and not to their white victims. So the girl and her single mother had to look for help on Facebook. Fortunately people responded to their plight but they have fled their home and are hiding elsewhere. The girl has to write matric this year, while she cowers in someone else’s house, wondering when her “liberators” will be back.

This is what South Africa has come to: a country where law and order are increasingly falling by the wayside. But our zealous leftists want more revolution, stirring up more hatred every day.

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