Assimilate? No thanks

US Army Chief of Staff George Casey confused
US Army Chief of Staff George Casey confused

By Johan Theron.

A recent book called “Against Inclusiveness” by James Kalb suggests that “government interference in our choices is always oppressive”. This applies especially to discrimination where it is stated that “If there were no laws against discrimination, people who want to work or live together would find each other, and everyone would be happier”.

But then there are a host of “laws” for inclusiveness indeed, causing humans to conform to machine-like instructions that everybody is equal. One reference of this is where US Army Chief of Staff George Casey reacted to Nidal Malik Hassan’s Fort Hood massacre: “As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” Clearly the General (no less) is mistaken when he takes for granted that people (his own troops) should die in defense of “equality” and “diversity” which has nothing to do with defending American blood and treasure.

This tragedy where a soldier shoots a brother-in arms demands further investigation because it reminds one of other cases such as in Denmark. Arabic immigrants were approved (for whatever reason), leading to the bizarre outcome that these immigrants, having literally received everything as well access to everything – refused such extreme generosity and in fact demanded “equal” treatment (as a group) i.e. they refused to assimilate. Thanks, but no thanks. Likewise in Saudi-Arabia, African and Indian immigrants are strangely enough also refused with a no thanks slur.

Australia’s prime minister also clearly repeatedly stated that immigrants to their country must accept the “Australian way”, or, leave. Thanks for considering Australia, but no thanks. Recently the Russian leader Putin confirmed that he supports the self-determination of Crimea from Ukraine (because they are Russian).

The English Monarchy was a bit slow to understand all these “little” issues between “workers”. The story of Enoch Powel, a British parliamentarian in the ‘60’s shows how his arguments came to fruition today, because he predicted the arguments “for” black/Muslim immigration as well as the effect it would have on the general population of Britain, 50 years before it happened. At the time of course, everybody said he was crazy and the Queen would not allow it, but then she did, didn’t she?

Since the black queens of South Africa are in the same league as the British Queen, they will also not understand how badly assimilation with whites (in South Africa) is going to affect them. Cecil John Rhodes was just as wrong as General Casey when he said that sowing English “wild oats” would benefit mankind. Thank you for thinking about it, but no thanks to assimilation all the same.