Rupert laughs at Malema

Two parties?
Two parties? Rupert denies Malema’s claims

Julius Malema has accused billionaire businessman Johann Rupert of controlling the ANC and DA and being behind the EFF leader’s tax and political woes, the Sunday Times reported.

When Rupert was contacted for comment by the paper, he laughed uncontrollably before asking: “Did he really, really say that?”

Rupert told the newspaper that he funded neither the DA nor the ANC.

Malema accused Rupert of supporting both parties as well as the SA Revenue Service.

“The ANC and DA are one thing. They agree on everything. The ANC is a black DA and the DA is a white ANC.

“All of them are controlled by Rupert and friends,” the Economic Freedom Fighters leader told supporters at a rally in Khayelitsha in Cape Town on Saturday.

Malema told the crowd that Rupert wanted the ANC to deal with him when he was its youth league leader. He also said that Rupert controlled the SA Revenue Service.

“Rupert said the ANC Youth League is like an irritating mosquito in a room and it needs a Doom. President Jacob Zuma became that ‘Doom’.”

Source: Sapa