US sends Ospreys, Special Ops to hunt insignificant Ugandan warlord, and gay haters

Mass psychosis
Mass psychosis

President Obama has ordered a sharp increase in US Special Operations forces deployed to Uganda and sent US military aircraft there for the first time in the ongoing manhunt for Joseph Kony, chief of the Lord’s Resistance Army, according to The Washington Post.

The CV-22 Osprey aircraft will arrive in Uganda by midweek, along with refueling aircraft and about 150 Air Force Special Operations forces and other airmen to fly and maintain the planes.

At least four Ospreys will be deployed. US personnel are authorized to “provide information, advice and assistance” to an African Union military task force tracking Kony and his organization across Uganda, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Congo.

While combat-equipped, they are prohibited from engaging LRA forces unless in self-defense.

President Obama cut US aid for the poor African country, blocking a health survey, because its elected government signed a popular law against homosexual conduct.

The punishment was revealed in the 12th paragraph of the Washington Post story about an very expensive new effort to track down a roving, insignificant warlord near northern Uganda.

Kony no longer poses any threat to Uganda or any of its neighbours.

The penalty spotlights the administration’s top-level and hard-edged effort to punish countries that disagree with its gay rights agenda.

“Ensuring justice and accountability for human rights violators like [Kony] and protecting” gay and transgender people “are not mutually exclusive,” a spokesperson told the Post.

In contrast, the White House has made little effort to counter the expanding number of attacks on Christians by Muslim terrorists or governments.

The attacks have killed thousands of Christians in Nigeria, Mali, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and Sudan. In response, the White House has sent a small team of advisors to Nigeria, where Islamic rebels have murdered thousands of Christians in recent years, often by attacking churches or school dormitories.

The new military effort against the Ugandan warlord adds four V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft and roughly 150 personnel to a US special forces detachment in Uganda that is already searching for Kony.

Kony and his army numbered perhaps less than a hundred gunslingers.

Source: VoR/The DC