NSA, FBI, DIA sued over refusal to disclose role in Mandela’s imprisonment

Mandela's legacy: Killing white children
Mandela’s legacy: Killing innocent white children

Ryan Shapiro reveals he is suing the NSA, FBI and Defense Intelligence Agency in an attempt to force them to open their records on one of the country’s greatest secrets: how the U.S. helped apartheid South Africa capture Nelson Mandela in 1962, leading to his 27 years in prison.

The U.S. has never confirmed its involvement, but details have leaked out over the years. Shapiro already has a pending suit against the CIA over its role in Mandela’s capture and to find out why it took until 2008 for the former South African president to be removed from the US terrorist watch list.

The NSA has already rejected one of Shapiro’s requests for its information on Mandela, citing “national defense.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama has reminded the Chinese on her visit there that Americans were racist back then when Mandela was imprisoned: “Many decades ago, there were actually laws in America that allowed discrimination against black people like me, who are a minority in the United States. But over time, ordinary citizens decided that those laws were unfair. They called on government officials to change those laws, and they voted to elect new officials who shared their views,” she said.

“And slowly but surely, America changed. We got rid of those unjust laws. And today, just 50 years later, my husband and I are President and First Lady of the United States. And that is really the story of America –- how over the course of our short history, through so many trials and struggles, we have become more equal, more inclusive, and more free.”

Crime and rape in South Africa soared after Mandela was released, a white genocide was set in motion, the US declared the “War on Terror” and launched the invasions of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Ukraine, making the world a much less safer place.

Source: Democracy Now/The Weekly Standard