Ericsson fires victim of violent black crime for K-word

bassonTelecommunications firm Ericsson has fired a worker who used the word “kaffir” in a tweet.

The tweet from the account of Vivienne Basson used the word while expressing frustration over a taxi accident.

The Tweet went on to say, “These savages don’t deserve to live. They can rot in hell.”

Ericsson South Africa M.D Magnus Mchunguzi says Basson who was a sub-contractor, has breached their business ethics.

Social Networks may seem to many as lawless, but World Wide Worx Technology expert, Arthur Goldstuck says people may be prosecuted for hate speech posted online.

He also says the law on social networks applies as it would in other public spaces.

Social network leaves a pure trail of evidence as numerous people can copy it and save it for the whole world to see.

Goldstuck says once you put something up online, it can never be entirely deleted.

Basson explained on twitter what led to her offensive speech before apologising.