Blade says Nkandla is white people’s lies

Blade telling Nkwinti to take white farms, not mines
Blade telling Nkwinti to take white farms, not mines

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande and member of the SACP has described what is being written about President Jacob Zuma and his Nkandla residence as “white people’s lies”.

He has been the General Secretary of the South African Communist Party since 1998.

Nzimande was speaking at an event to honour President Zuma held at the University of Zululand, at KwaDlangezwa.

Nzimande has heaped praise on President Zuma, saying it is appropriate to honour him for his contribution to peace in KwaZulu-Natal and education in the country.

He’s dismissed as “lies perpetuated by white people” reports about Nkandla and Zuma.

In 2007 Malawian businessman Charles Modise claimed he made a R500,000 donation to the South African Communist Party in 2002.

He claimed he gave the money, packed in black plastic bags, to Willy Madisha, who in turn swore he transported the money in the boot of his car to SACP general secretary Nzimande. However, Nzimande denied ever receiving the money, also calling the allegations “lies perpetuated by white people”.

Despite being a Communist, Mzimande is against the nationalisation of mines, strangely stating that it is not “inherently progressive” as it depended on which class interests were being advanced.

Nzimande supports the accelerated transfer of white-owned land to blacks however and warned earlier that South Africa would become like Zimbabwe if whites continue to own land.

Nzimande said the people needed to know why banks were still financing farmers using the “same [free market] methods used during apartheid”.

“One of the biggest obstacles facing land reform is the willing buyer-willing seller principal,” he said.

He said with that principle, it was those who already owned the land—and not the landless—who benefited.

  • Johann Theron

    Clearly Mr Blade is a disadvantaged person and we need to help him perpetually. Haahaaahieeeheieee. Ahem. Excuse me Sir, but the public protector is white, or is she black, or are you colour blind. Perfect.

    • Guest

      Blade’s clearly not only visually impaired, he also eats imported GM foods from the Jooish supermarket

  • JuliAss

    Yas,Yas I agree eet are a lie, many women will “lie” down weeth the spear of the nation, Nkandla does not exists, we (black gods) are so gratefull for Blade, that he ees the head of education, thees means one straight path ahead, straight down.

  • Gas

    Did Blade not say Nkandla is also peanuts in terms of what black people steal?

    • Deaths Head.

      Mandela and Mbeki stole billion$.

  • Rooikop

    Dit is waaroor dit gaan – in hulle oë mag blankes niks besit nie. Ek het self hierdie tipe transaksie waar die geld in ‘n skoendoos met ‘n krismislint om eerstehands van verneem – dit alles om ‘n tender gelees te kry.

    Die rede hoekom die banke jou finansier is want as jy droogmaak dan vat hulle jou goed – jou risiko is veel meer as die bank s’n. Ou Blade – hoekom gaan leen julle nie geld en koop die plase nie? Dink julle dit gaan te veel kos? NEE dit gaan nie – die bank verwag net dat sy investering darem iets gaan lewer. Al wat die oorgeneme plase (OK meeste van hulle dalk nie almal nie) oplewer is dorings en distels op braak lande. Die infrastruktuur van pompe, pype, kabels en ander toerusting verkoop om te kan oorleef.

    Nou kom jou president en neem (onwetend volgens hom) wederregtelik van my en jou geld om vir hom ‘n kasteel te laat bou – kompleet met ‘n bomkelders ens. Is dit OK met jou? (Seker want hy is die hoofman in jou kultuur en dit hoort so – in my kultuur is dit steel – dit maak dit egter nie leuens nie)

  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    Why should I care about Nkandla ?
    Because the MSM tells me to ?

    Did Mandela and Mbeki not build giant mansions in Houghton and nkuna for themselves?
    Strange,nobody complained about that.

  • ss

    And he (the communist and anti Christ) is minister of “higher” Education ? God help us!

  • reggit

    Yes Blade….It is Black vs White….Darkness vs Light….And you are still losing the struggle…

  • william

    Blade bragged about the day he and his friends burned down the library when he was a student. Anybody with a little bit of brains can see that this country is going nowhere because it is in the hands of a bunch of stupid idiots. I follow the politics of Africa since the fifties . The majority of countries on this dark continent are failed states. In Africa there are only 3 kinds of “democracies”. They are one party states, countries ruled by despots and military juntas. There is no political will and accountability and responsibility. Nobody cares. They cannot design or build anything ,they took what other people build and destroy it. They are useless in the extreme . How many of the farms that where given to them are successful?What about food security?

    • Boerseun.Z.A.R

      Useless idiots will remain useless idiots,the sad part is,they are in the majority.