Scottish independence gains ground

scotlandOpponents of Scottish independence speak of pensions being lost in the potential separation from the UK. It comes after a recent poll showed that the gap between Yes and No votes is narrowing, with unionists losing ground.

The landmark ICM survey revealed Sunday a decline of the No vote from 46 per cent to 42 percent over the past month. At the same time the Yes vote remained steady at 39 percent. With the “don’t knows” excluded from the count, the No vote stands at 52 percent, just four percent ahead of the Yes vote.

It’s the highest level of support for Scotland’s independence since last August, and with only five months remaining till the September 18 referendum, the poll opened to criticism the campaigning of those wishing to keep the union in place.

“These are very encouraging polls and show the yes campaign has the momentum because it is more positive and more trusted than the no campaign,” said Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

“In contrast, the No campaign is in a panic because they are seen as negative and unbelievable,” he added, saying the campaign was stuck in a “rut of negativity.”

As the poll results were published, in emerged that Labour is planning to step up campaigning for keeping Scotland part of the United Kingdom.

Source: RT