Dead baby discovered in refuse

refuseremovalRefuse removal employees made a shocking discovery on their rounds on Easter Monday when they found a new born baby in a rubbish bin in Terenure, Kempton Park.

The gruesome discovery was made just after 3pm at Falcon Haven, a townhouse complex Falcon Haven.

“The men were emptying the bins by throwing the rubbish into the refuse removal truck. As one of the guys picked up a bin and started throwing the rubbish into the truck, he spotted something strange. He shouted at the driver to stop spinning the rear loader,” Annetjie Coetzee, the complex’s caretaker, said.

And what they discovered would come as a great shock. The men realised that a new born baby had been thrown into the truck with the garbage.

“Next thing I heard was one of them running to me, telling me to call the police because they had found a black baby in the bins. I called the sector vehicle number and they arrived a few minutes later,” Coetzee said.

One of the residents, Karen Schoonwinkel, said the baby looked like it was carried to full term, “as it was quite big and still had the umbilical cord attached to its stomach.”The baby’s arms and legs were developed and it even had hair on its head.

“It was just so horrible, everyone was shocked at how someone could even think of doing this. All the women who were at the scene couldn’t bare to look and turned their faces away,” Coetzee said.

A mortuary company came to collect the body at 6pm.

Capt Lesibana Molokomme, spokesman for Norkem Park SAPS, said a case of concealment of birth had been opened and investigations were underway. No-one had been arrested yet.

Police spoke to a few people in the complex to try find out if someone saw anything.