PRAAG congratulates Parti Québecois

PRAAG has congratulated the Parti Québecois on its excellent electoral score during provincial elections in Canada. Reacting on Twitter, the leader of PRAAG, Dr. Dan Roodt, said: “I support Québecois separatism, could bolster case for an Afrikaner volkstaat. Félicitations au Parti Québecois!”

The Afrikaner action group has often emphasised the similarities between national minorities surrounded by larger nations or groups such as the Québecois, the Flemish, the Catalans and the Afrikaners.

Roodt said: “We look upon the victory of Madame Pauline Marois as not only good for Québecois but for the cause of self-determination world-wide. Afrikaners, like Québecois, live surrounded by hundreds of millions of British Commonwealth subjects who impose English upon us and limit our economic and cultural freedom through racist and chauvinist legislation. That is not to say that we wish to compare South Africa’s totalitarian stance on multilingualism with the more enlightened Canadian version, but a small nation and a small culture can only be free in an own state.”

Dr. Roodt also called upon the Afrikaner separatist party, the Freedom Front Plus, “to learn from the successes of the Parti Québecois and its decisive defeat of liberalism, so as to hasten the Afrikaner’s liberation from the chains of the English Commonwealth state of 1910. We can also defeat liberalism and Anglicism like the Parti Québecois has done.”

Both Québecois and Afrikaners have a long history of language struggle and of being the objects of Anglo-Saxon scorn. Roodt also called for “greater cooperation between Québecois, Afrikaners, Flemish and Catalans who share similar experiences with majoritarian cultural oppression”. He was particularly touched by one Twitter message from Québec, stating in capital letters, “ON VEUT UN PAYS!”, we want a country!

“Good heavens, we want a country too! On veut un pays,” he concluded.

The Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG) is an NGO in South Africa. Founded in February 2000, PRAAG is a movement of Afrikaner intellectuals, professionals, farmers, students and others campaigning for the rights of Afrikaners and white Africans generally and for equality with blacks as regards property ownership, language, access to education, the right to trade, and so on.