Oscar Pistorius trial: a canned hunt for global media?


by Stuart L. Chapman

Since the fateful dawn of “democracy” in 1994 The ANC kleptocracy continues to gut South Africa, literally selling, stealing, embezzling and pulverizing what is left of the beloved country- what was the powerhouse of Africa- down the river at break-neck speed. They have had plenty of help with generous assistance from the likes of the US and UK liberal political troublemakers and their despicable media whores; all of them complicit in South Africa’s current fragmentation and eventual destruction. There is plenty of South African blood on their hands with well over 400 000 murders since the dawn of “freedom” in 1994. Collaborating insiders now and then give a token acknowledgement of the situation by washing their blood-stained hands in their convenient, overflowing bowl of liberation epithets. This gesture will never absolve them of their complicity in these horrors.

Slick global media, awash with Disneyesque Mandela fairy tales, would have us believe that all is well in the world’s newest democracy. The stark reality is that crime is the principal, overarching context of the ”modern,” ANC-dominated South Africa. Since the ANC takeover general crime and extensive, violent crime pervade every aspect of life in the “rainbow nation.” Christopher Stone notes in his 2006 Harvard University working paper, Crime, Justice, and Growth in South Africa: Toward a Plausible Contribution from Criminal Justice to Economic Growth:

The distinctive feature of crime in South Africa is not its volume but its violence.5 The homicide rate presents the extent of violence most starkly. Although the rate has declined substantially since 1994 when South Africa recorded 67 murders per 100,000 people; it was last reported through March 2005 to be at 40.3 per 100,000, among the highest national rates in the world. There is some variation among provinces, but the murder rates across all of South Africa are high, especially in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.”

High rates of crime and corruption are crippling the national life and hamstringing normal social activity along with all if not every service inherent in a modern, functioning society. President Jacob Zuma himself has had over 700 charges of corruption laid against him. Crime and corruption from the highest levels of South African government to the very bottom of the public service are destroying any and all hopes for a peaceful and prosperous South Africa in the future.

Based on the available crime statistics and all-pervasive corruption South Africa could easily be confused with any other terrorist shell state. It’s fast becoming another “smoke-and-mirrors” nation going through the motions of a functioning republic but filled with the rotting carcass of a broken and pillaged “post-liberation” administration and further wracked by the funk of a thoroughly crippling post-colonial entitlement mentality . Shell states are filled with factional violence where local and international syndicates join forces to rule the day under the cloak of “nationhood.” They are hot spots for sanctioned theft, international money laundering and transit points for the illegal trade in guns, ammo- and in South Africa’s case a bounty of rhino horn for pals in the East. They are drug transit points and above all they are places awash in the blood of the innocents. The human cost is immense. In many ways South Africa has fared little better than Iraq.

The ANC takeover of South Africa occurred just twenty short years ago. In that period of time almost 70,000 whites and thousands of upon thousands of blacks have lost their lives to violence and murder. South African farmers, particularly Afrikaner farmers, have seen the worst of it. Since 1994 over 3140 South African farmers have been murdered in some of the most horrific and barbaric ways imaginable. That’s one farmer every 2,3 days for the last 20 years. By comparison only 39 farmers lost their lives during the Kenyan Mau Mau. Yet the international media turns its back on South Africa’s gruesome holocaust.

During the past month we have been bombarded by the Oscar Pistorius trial. Oscar, in his fit of paranoia has played into the hands of the liberal social Marxists, the Western and local media and neo-tribalists who are hell-bent on proving that the only kind of man truly morally culpable of any crime in this world is a White man. All other crime “pales” by comparison and is hardly worth a passing mention. From the ferocity of the legal assault on Mr. Pistorius it would appear that all other races are exempt from the Western standards of law and order and are free to rape and pillage at will and with the full approbation of the state.

South African cable TV has a special channel dedicated to the live broadcast and analysis of this ghastly fraud of the South African legal system. The trial has also been given nauseatingly wide coverage by the international media. Officials and local media talking heads openly boast that the world will see the efficiency of the post-Apartheid South African legal system in action.

In reality what the world is watching is a canned hunt, a legal travesty, a torture session where a confessed killer is being brutally probed over his “intent” by state prosecutor, Gerrie “bull dog” Nel. While Nel and his state legal minions are flagellating a confessed killer for propaganda mileage thousands of barbaric perpetrators run amok in the countryside. These are the real criminals that Advocate Nel needs to be contenting with, not some Roman Circus. South Africans know and understand their motives.

The entire post-Apartheid dilapidation of the South African legal system feeds into this perverse roadshow. Truth be told, Gerrie Nell is the state prosecutor of a South African legal and police system so fraught with corruption and criminals itself that it can barely muster the energy to keep law and order on the streets let alone catch, prosecute and incarcerate the masses of high profile violent criminals who infect the land. According to Africacheck: “Between 1998 and 2012, at least 21,785 criminal cases involving police officers were reported to South Africa’s Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD)” .

Since the Mbeki era crime statistics are only released once a year entirely out of fear of tarnishing the image of the ruling party. When arrests are made dockets are stolen or lost and evidence simply disappears for a price and the criminals are back on the streets. Bungling by incompetent South African police officers and investigators on crime scenes is also far too common.

It seems fitting, then that “bull dog” Nel finds himself wasting his substantial legal energies tormenting a man who has already confessed. What a convenient brief. Any coward could preside over the harassment of a caged animal.

South Africa- dialogue derailed…

In 1998 the late, anti-communist South African writer Aida Parker warned of the inevitable economic crises and internal recriminations pecking party which would ultimately engulf the post-liberation South African body politic. The soaring crime, the bread and circuses mentality around corruption and now the impact of the cumulative liquidation of South Africa’s farmers over the last 20 years is beginning to precipitate this very thing.

Censorbugbear reports :

In April 2011 the TAU (The Transvaal Agricultural Union)said: …that (of the 3,800 whites recorded as having been murdered in rural regions by armed militia-gangs), about 1,780 were commercial farmers – members of the Agri-SA and TLU unions. They have been murdered and terrorised off their farms and smallholdings by these gangs, while the rest of the farmers are facing heavy pressure to ‘sell’ their land deeds to the state. A large number of these farmers who ‘sold’ their land willingly, have thus far also never been reimbursed for handing over their registered deeds to the ANC-government: essentially their land was simply stolen from them.”

In November 2007, One of South Africa’s most experienced former military commanders and analysts, ret. Maj-Gen Chris van Zyl, warned in a lecture in that the growing Southern African food-crisis was creating massive political unrest throughout the southern African region. People were now on the move by the many millions – mostly into South Africa from the rest of Africa. “This is the largest migration on the African continent now occurring right now in South Africa, where many millions of famished Africans arrive in their desperate search for survival”. The UN-sponsored news agency IRIN reported in May 2007 that many millions of South Africans are struggling to cope with the country’s soaring food prices.”

In short, the compromise and eventual loss of South Africa’s commercial farming sector through violent attacks and haphazard redress makes the country ripe for a full-scale poverty revolution. It’s a national disaster in the making. The flood of migrants pouring in from their own spectacularly botched democratic experiments has only helped to prime the charge.

The West has been on its suicide mission for some time coldly sacrificing, one by one, its Judeo-Christian outposts to phony self-determination, sham democratic “transformation” and revolutionary conflagration without end. South Africa appears to be its most highly favoured poster child. In Aida Parker’s Spring 1998 special publication, Issue No. 221 “Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer” SA’s Bloody Road to Ruin she wrote:

The most serious problem facing the country gets the least official attention. Nor can there be any doubt that the Mandela government is not playing open cards on this crisis situation. Which brings us to a question of our own: The story, apocryphal or not, goes that Julius Nyerere, visiting China, asked Mao Tse-tung how best he could set about imposing communism on Tanzania. Mao replied: “You must destroy the most conservative strata of society, the farmers.”

Sadly, her words ring as true today as they did sixteen years ago for nothing has changed. All has degraded and the slaughter continues unabated. From the value of the Rand to the average life expectancy South Africa has edged ever closer to the chaotic precipice of the political and social abyss.

Of South Africa’s current president – from the horse’s mouth- the SOWETAN, March 12 2012 says:

Zuma is the first president of the ANC to whom the “the worst shall lead” principle readily applies. He is the worst president of the ANC since 1912.

So true on every level.

In hindsight, at least the Mandela government had the cheek to disregard one of the more damning 1998 NIA reports on farm murders.

Apart from hearing the distant strains of “mshini-wam” – “Bring me my machine gun [so I can shoot the Boers]”- one can scarcely recall when the current ANC “cognoscenti” have uttered one word regarding this genocide. Only now, before a general election, is there any passing mention made in the media of the many butchered and fallen. Perhaps our leaders’ aggregate IQ handicaps them from coherently and openly expressing their concerns and grief over the demise of their fellow citizens or is it, perhaps, a cryptic sign of their tacit approval?