Front National member resigns due to Jean-Marie Le Pen’s ‘fournée’ remark

A regional leader of the Front National in France who has been a party member since 2002, has resigned, saying the “oven batch issue” has been one “little detail too much”.

The leader of the Bas-Rhin division of the Front National resigned from the party on Friday 13 June in protest against the recent polemical remarks by Jean-Marie Le Pen in which he used the word “fournée” or “oven batch”.

“I am leaving the Front National, full stop,” said Pascale Ellès, 48. “The little detail that finally caused it, was the issue of the oven batch, because I have always had good relations with the Jewish and Muslim communities,” she explained. She is also married to a Muslim.

Pascale Ellès was in tenth position on the Front’s list during the European elections in the east of France. She joined the party in 2002. On Wednesday she sent her letter of resignation to the party’s presidency, addressing it to vice-president Florian Philippot, the right-hand man of Marine Le Pen, its leader.

According to the ex-member from the Alsace region, Jean-Marie Le Pen’s remarks flew in the face of the “work” of Florian Philippot in the party, “who has criticised no-one druing his European campaign”.

“Florian Philippot campainged around the issues confronting France and appealed to all French people, whoever they might be,” she emphasised.

In October 2013, Pascal Ellès, also made known her disagreement with the controversial statement of Advocate André Kommann, who was then in line for the heading the FN’s municipal list in Strasbourg. He cause some controversy by suggesting that the Swiss police should use attack dogs against criminals. He finally withdraw and was replaced by Jean-Luc Shcaffhauser who has since been elected as a European MP in the Ile-de-France region around Paris.